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Facts of Bre-Z Bre-Z

Full Name: Bre-Z Bre-Z
Birth Date: July 22, 1987
Age: 36 years
Gender: Female
Profession: Rapper
Horoscope: Cancer
FatherDavid Mayfield
MotherCarla Mayfield
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Every person on this planet is born with a skill, and it is up to you to recognize it and use it to achieve success. Bre-Z, on the other hand, broke away from her family’s business and used her extraordinary rapping skills to earn notoriety.

She initially pursued a profession in hairstyle, following in the lines of her father and grandparents, but she eventually reintroduced herself to the public as a rapper and a wonderful actress.

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Is Ray Christopher dating Bre-Z?

Bre-Z has been displaying a photo of himself with Emmy-nominated actor Ray Christopher on a regular basis. Ray shared a photo of himself with Bre-Z, referring to her as her Dreamgirl. Bre-z wished him a happy birthday as well, writing in the caption:

The following caption implied that Bre-Z and Ray share a close relationship, similar to that of a boyfriend and girlfriend.
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They post photographs on social media that are just as romantic as a couple in love. However, the couple’s narrative is merely speculation, as Ray stunned his followers in a recent post when he referred to Bre-Z as her sister while wishing her a happy birthday on July 23, 2018. He even labeled a photo with the word “Sis.”

Meanwhile, viewers were confused when Bre-z wrote: “I love you boyfriend!!!” in a comment on the same photo.

The duo has failed to clarify their relationship after causing so much consternation.

Professional Background:

Bre-Z began cutting hair at the age of ten, inspired by her barber father. She wanted to learn how to cut hair in high school so she could get a cosmetology license. She became a professional celebrity hair stylist at the age of 21 after following her passion for hair cutting. Her hairdressing clients included Ludacris, Akon, and many others.

She had developed an interest in rapping as a side job when she was 14 years old. In her musical career, Calesha has worked with musicians such as Jennifer Lopez, Wiz Kid, Dr. Dre, Asia Bryant, and many others. Her rapping skills drew a following thanks to her distinct pronunciation tone and scratchy voice.
When she was offered to play the role of ‘Freda Gatz’ in the franchise film “Empire,” her career took a U-turn (2015). Calesha has also starred in films such as “Fat Camp” (2017) and “The New Edition Story” (2017).

Ray has also collaborated with a number of notable musicians, including Mariah Carey, Ludacris, Adrienne Bailon, and others.

Bre-Z had only $1 in her bank account when she traveled to Los Angeles to pursue her goal. At the age of 27, the actress was able to break into the entertainment world with a role as Freda Gatz on Empire, because to her hard work, devotion, and barbershop connections. Her explosive lyrical talents and musical inclination propelled her to become a rapper in no time.

What is Bre-net Z’s worth?

The vivacious and multi-talented actress has amassed a large following. Her role in the film and her rap career have helped her accumulate a sizable net worth, however the exact sum has yet to be revealed.
In the TV series All American, she played Tiana “Coop” Cooper, a homosexual adolescent who attends South Crenshaw High in Compton alongside Spencer James. Daniel Ezra, who was nominated for an Ian Charleson Award, played Spencer in The CFW’s series. Bre-Z was confident enough during her audition to inform her agency that she would absolutely nail her character for The CFW series.

Parents of the Bre-Z Family

Mayfield, an American rap artist, was born to David and Carla Mayfield. Her parents were of mixed racial origin. As a result, she is of mixed ethnicity (African-American).

Barbers were her father and grandmother’s professions. Her family was barbers, thus she used to work as a barber and styled the hair of celebrities like Akon and Ludacris. She began cutting hair when she was ten years old.

Her Real Name And A Short Bio

Bre-Z was born in Philadelphia on July 22, 1987, and later moved to Wilmington, Delaware. Calesha Murray is her true name. The tale behind Bre-moniker Z’s is fascinating. When Calesha was in fifth grade, her mother received a call from her teacher, who informed her that she was putting her name on her paper as ‘Bre-Z.’ The artist insisted on being called Bre-Z instead of her true name because she thought it was far better.

Ray Christopher, Bre-boyfriend, Z’s is taller than her. Bre-Z is a citizen of the United States. According to wiki, she graduated from a vocational high school with a cosmetology license.