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Boyfriend of EJ Johnson, who is openly gay, has a surprising connection to his father.

Boyfriend of EJ Johnson, who is openly gay, has a surprising connection to his father.

EJ Johnson has led a fascinating life. How difficult could it possibly be? Oh well, you’ll find out if you can stand on his feet.

The media was never a major deal for the Beverly Hills native, who was born into a high-profile family. However, following his sexual orientation declaration in 2014, his appearance in the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills rewarded him with self-owned stardom.

Bio (Age) of EJ Johnson: Parents, Sister

The reality television star was born in Beverly Hills, California, on June 2, 1992. Earvin Johnson III, his birth name, is little known.

The fact that the gay man is the son of Magic Johnson, a great NBA star, is not revealed at all. His mother, Earlitha Kelly, is known as ‘Cookie,’ and he has an adoptive sister named Elisa Johnson.

The reality shows liked EJ Johnson, who has a $2 million net worth.

He has been dedicated to the entertainment sector since starring in Reality !’s television series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills in 2014 and started his own spin-off to the reality show, EJNYC, in June 2016. As a TV personality (E! News), a fashion critic (Fashion Police), and even a panel moderator at the 2017 BeautyCon, The Gender Revolution, he has proven his worth to the industry.

It’s easy to see how the reality star’s interest in fashion was impacted by her television career.

The fashionable fashionista has amassed a fortune and yet has a long way to go.

The Father of EJ Johnson At first, Magic Johnson refused to accept that he was gay.

Standing apart and being accepted at the same time in a world of mainstream preconceptions is difficult. And, when a person’s sexual orientation is revealed, assess their hardness for yourself.

Whether you’re a celebrity kid or not! The openly gay man was not immune to the fear of coming out. He could have prevented the disclosure if it had been up to him. On a family trip to Hawaii in 2013, he couldn’t help but grow disturbingly close to a male acquaintance, who harassed him with inquiries later.

At the age of 17, the reality star had already told his family about his sexuality.

The 26-year-old didn’t have an easy time coming out as gay, as his famous athlete father couldn’t believe his son was gay.

Because of their views on homosexuality, the gay guy had to leave the church where he grew up, West Angeles Church of God in Christ. It’s natural to feel rejected, unwanted and unclicked in such a situation. If he moved to New York University, he must have felt the same way.

In Johnson’s instance, the idea that distance hurts relationships turned out to be false. After he moved away, his relationship with his father immediately improved. Magic must have had a lot of time to pursue his son and embrace him for who he was.

The celebrity youngster was scared to come out as gay in public after having difficulty persuading his family members of his sexuality. He just came out as gay to TMZ in 2013 when his internet romances were revealed.

Opening out is a valuable source of self-assurance. You’ve probably heard stories about homosexual men who appear confident after opening up. In EJ’s situation, the story has also come true. He is enamored with the freedom that comes with self-expression, and he hasn’t failed to dazzle the entertainment industry with his daring fashion choices.

EJ Johnson, an openly transgender (gay) man, lost 360 pounds.

‘It’s not what everyone thinks,’ you’ll often hear celebrities say. In the case of the fashionista, his startling weight loss was not intended to help him transition his gender. Due to gastric sleeve surgery in 2015, he lost a significant amount of weight; 180 pounds to be exact.

The remarkable weight loss of the gay man sparked speculation about gender transformation. But it is absolutely up to him whether he wants to be referred to as a transgender or simply as a gay.

Johnson’s new weight-loss body has undoubtedly bolstered his confidence, and he has been working out to maintain it. Because he has a toned body, his feminine sense of style now compliments him much more.

In 2018, does EJ Johnson have a boyfriend?

Everyone desires to be in a relationship where they are appreciated and adored. But finding someone who will love you for who you are, not who your father is or how much fame you have, isn’t always simple.

Having Magic as a father provided EJ with a plethora of men to date, but no one to love until now. The boys would linger, either awestruck by his father’s popularity or hoping to be included in the tape in order to date the famous gay man.

However, in October 2017, rumors circulated that EJ was dating former Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star Milan Christopher, which he neither confirmed nor denied.

In any case, the gender revolutionist has a lot more in mind when it comes to men, as he’s looking for more than just a boyfriend. By shattering barriers, he hopes to be an inspiration as a gender-flouting role model.

EJ Johnson seems unconcerned about the death of his best friend.

When you lose someone, is the notion of being wounded limited to crying, lamenting, and simply being sad?

Not for the fashionable homosexual man, at least. After his best friend and EJNYC co-host, Lyric McHenry, died on August 14, 2018, he appeared nicely put together and even ventured to grin while appearing with another buddy in LA on August 25, 2018. A heroin overdose had claimed his friend’s life.

Through the tweet, the American actor put an end to any potential issues.

It’s easy to understand EJ’s desire to remain tense regardless of the situation. He isn’t afraid to try new things, even if it means changing from bald to blonde.

EJ Johnson shocks his fans with a photo of himself with blonde hair on September 3, 2018. (Image courtesy of EJ Johnson’s Instagram).

Continue to be bold and brave. Keep Slaying, as the supporters say!