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About Bo Jackson

American former baseball and football player, Vincent Edward ‘Bo’ Jackson was born on November 30, 1962 to the parents Florence Bond and A.D. Adams. Bo is the only professional athlete in history to record name in an All-Star in both baseball and football. A champion, Bo, is rare in many to do so in two major sports. Elite talent of Jackson in various sport and games flash heavy light in his life while reflecting about himself.

Bo Jackson’s Bio, Early Life, Family, Ethnicity

Jackson, the eighth of ten children raised in Bessemer, Alabama. His family gave his name after Vince Edwards, the favorite actor of his mother. His love producer gave him “wild boar hog” name for he would persistently catch into misfortune. He experienced his life attending McCalla, a first schooling life. He rushed for 1,175 yards while running back as a high school senior.

Bo Jackson, them, hovered for his early life by hitting twenty home runs in 25 games for McAdory’s baseball team whole entering his senior season. He recorded his own name twice in state championship in decathlon. He set up such leading points before 1500 meters in which he never competed in that season, however, he unliked distance track. In his early twenties, Bo Jackson set state school records for the competition of indoor high jump.

While accelerating up towards his personal life, versatile and most talented sport personality. Bo Jackson is tied the knot (married) to Lind Jackson in 1987. And the spouse had borne three offspring living their lives together with Bo Jackson. Being born in the Black ethnicity, he grabbed a good fortune to further enhance his life a head.

Bo Jackson’s  Personal life

Bo got married with Linda, a rehabilitation Counselor. He germinated three children – two sons, Garrett Jackson, the elder son and Nicholas the younger son and a daughter, Morgan Jackson. Jackson family lives in Burr Ridge, Illinois.  He is one of the investors of his group who own The Bur Ridge Bank and Trust in the Chicago hinterlands.  He directs as an advisory director in his private bank is said to be “rolling up his sleeves” and working together with everyone else to ensure that the small bank can be a successful during financial times.

According to Jackson: “we have no type of debt, like all the other banks. We’re a small community ban and ne thing we all decided, is that if we are going to do a bank in our community, it needs to be owned by the people who live in the community.”

The Chicago White Sox first-rated Jackson to heave the Ceremonial first pitch before Game Two of the 2005 World Series. In 2007, Jackson emanated together with John Cangelosi to form the Bo Jackson Elite Sports Complex an 88,000-square-foot a multi-sport dome in Lockport, Illinois. As a part owner and CEO of the facility, he has further been successful with other investment, including a food company.


On May, 9, 2009, Bo delivered the Commencement Speech at the graduation ceremony of Auburn University. He focused his speech on the benefits if stepping out of one’s easy zone. On July 12, 2009, Bo hurled the ceremonial first pitch prior to the 2010 Home Run Derby on Angel Stadium.


Bo Jackson’s Professional Life

Jackson was conscripted first total in the 1986 NFL Waft. In addition to giving Jackson a challenge to prize between sports, Buccaneers management took Jackson on owner.  Jackson was voiced by the Buccaneers that the expedition, which could have fee Jackson his enduring academic admissibility, had been unfurnished by the NCAA.

Jackson was advanced told by his baseball trainer that the jaunt was measured to be a desecration of NCAA rules. And he was nearly ruled unqualified to play the remainder of the baseball season. Jackson distressed that Culverhouse reclined to him. Despite that, he played for the Buccaneers. However, they sought him to, but he did not sign

Jackson fused the Raiders in time for their Week 8 match-up.. Jackson joint the backfield with Marcus Allen himself a former Heisman Trophy winner, but eventually displaced him as the included successively hind despite being recorded as the team’s fullback.

Perhaps his most prominent recital in his novice season came on Monday Night Football against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 12. Preceding to the game Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth injured Jackson and promised in a media occasion before the game to cover Jackson. Jackson answered by consecutively over Bosworth on his mode to a descent nearby the goalmouth mark.

Bo Jackson’s  Net Worth

Bo Jackson is now a retired American baseballer and footballer who has a net worth of $ 16 million. Bo Jackson amassed his net worth done by his athletic abilities.  A well reputed player, Jackson grossed $6.8 million and $6.1 million in salary alone from his baseball and football careers, respectively. In high school, he broke annals as a seriatim back, while having hit 20 home runs in 25 games for his high school team. He also broke state track archives and attained Alabama’s state trophy for decathlon twice.