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Blackpink fans are at odds with Twitch streamer 39Daph, who refers to them as a “disgusting toxic fandom.”

Blackpink fans are at odds with Twitch streamer 39Daph, who refers to them as a “disgusting toxic fandom.”

Popular Twitch streamer 39Daph, whose material focuses on discussions, art, and gaming, came under fire from the K-pop fandom for some of her criticisms of the well-liked Korean girl group Blackpink. Blackpink followers and the streamer engaged in an unexpected feud in November 2020.

39Daph Disputed the Music of Blackpink

The entire controversy involving 39Daph and the Blackpink fandom began when the Twitch broadcaster expressed her opinion about the K-pop girl group’s music and acknowledged that she was not a fan. Despite Blackpink’s widespread popularity, she claimed that their music wasn’t all that wonderful.

Her reply set off a whole horde of Blackpink stans, who quickly began bombarding her with abusive remarks and letters. The conflict immediately got out of hand and devolved into a ping-pong match between 39Daph and Blackpink followers, with the latter branding the latter a repulsive toxic fandom.

A small number of individuals did speak up in 39Daph’s favor, arguing that she had every right to express her views and shouldn’t be subjected to derogatory remarks for doing so.

Jae Park, a K-Pop star and Daph’s ex-boyfriend, was drawn into the mess.

It didn’t take long for things to get nasty as the conflict grew more visible over time. The K-pop army resorted to commenting on her boyfriend’s split and labeling her an attention seeker as the Twitch streamer proceeded to criticize Blackpink fans as being a toxic fandom.

Only that the two started dating in late 2019 and broke up in 2020 is known about 39Daph’s boyfriend (not even his name!).

She announced the news on her stream first, claiming to have met someone she liked. She then made fun of her viewers while joking about the situation and promising to keep them updated so they could experience being in a relationship through hers.

She shared pictures of herself on Twitter in November 2020 and mentioned that her partner, a photographer, had taken them. She also provided a screenshot of their discussion, but she withheld all other information about him and the circumstances surrounding their separation.

Along with her ex-boyfriend, Jae Park, a K-pop star and friend of 39Daph, was also unintentionally included in the scandal. That set off 39Daph, who then attacked Blackpink supporters.

Even if things were somewhat personal along the road, the Twitter community appears to have gotten past the conflict at this point.

Her most recent Instagram images depict her embracing life to the fullest.