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Bio of 20-year-old Cuban Doll: Real Name and Violent Boyfriend Trauma

Bio of 20-year-old Cuban Doll: Real Name and Violent Boyfriend Trauma

Internet celebrities understand how to make the most out of social media platforms in order to get fame. However, popularity has a response in the form of a lack of privacy. Some people make a great deal out of the privacy issue, while others, like Cuban Doll, who willingly put their every move on show, have nowhere to vent their frustrations.

The Dallas native is a social media celebrity turned rapper whose debut album Rat B*tch debuted in 2017 to critical acclaim. Her hit songs, such as Bankrupt, Racks Up, Drug Dealer, Let It Blow, and others, have racked up millions of views on YouTube.

In early March 2012, the Texas native made her social media debut on Twitter, and she continued her journey on Instagram under the handle ‘Cubanndasavage.’

Her Instagram account has over 1.4 million followers, and her internet celebrity has helped her singing career as well as her design brand, which sells Cuban Doll clothing and goods.

Bio(Age) of Cuban Doll: Her Real Name Is a Mystery

Cuban was born in Dallas, Texas, on May 12, 1998. ‘Aaliyah Keef’ is sometimes misunderstood for her genuine name. Rather, she is recognized by that name since she is a major fan of Aaliyah and Chief Keef, two rap singers. Given that she decided to be known as ‘Cuban Doll,’ exposing her real name is the last thing on her mind.

At the age of 20, the Instagram sensation has a varied existence. Behind this vibrant façade, though, comes a tumultuous childhood. Her mid-teen years were difficult as her mother was sentenced to prison when she was 15 years old.

She grew raised in the most humble of circumstances, but she went on to become one of the most daring Instagram models, with neon green or bright yellow hair!

The Dating Life of a Cuban Doll Isn’t So Pleasant!

If colorful means are fascinating and contentious, then the rapper’s dating life is colorful, and his boyfriends have included fellow rapper Tadoe and, before him, another artist Kodak Black.

In 2017, rumors about Cuban dating Kodak inundated the headlines. After an uncomfortable getting engaged in a video, they became the buzz of the town. ‘Engaged’ isn’t the correct term to use because Kodak, her boyfriend, forced her to drop down on her knees and slide a diamond ring through his finger as he offered her $100 notes.

People were outraged and skeptical of their connection after the so-called engagement concluded with dollar bills thrown up in the air, giving off a strip club vibe.

After parting ways with Kodak in the latter part of the year, she was linked to Tadoe. However, in May 2018, they too ended their relationship on a sour note.

Why Did Cuban Doll Break Up With Boyfriend Tadoe?

Those who follow Cuban on Instagram are always up to current on her life, and those who have seen her relationship with Tadoe will undoubtedly claim that they are everything but a beautiful couple.

Cuban exhibited her wounded face from the hospital on Instagram Live in May 2018, revealing that their relationship has an undertone of instability. She speculated that the wounds were caused by beatings, revealing Tadoe’s aggressive side.

She doesn’t appear to be in a new relationship after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend.

If she truly wants to start anew in a relationship, she would definitely inform her social media family.