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Big Time Rush Is Reuniting — Here’s How Fans Spotted The Reunion Hints First

Big Time Rush Is Reuniting — Here’s How Fans Spotted The Reunion Hints First

Big Time Rush is bringing their live show back in 2021! While the band only recently announced their reunion on July 19, 2021, via an Instagram post on the band’s official page, fans have been anticipating it for quite some time.

The band’s last live performance was in 2014 during their Live World Tour.

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The Big Time Rush Has Returned!

On their Instagram page, Big Time Rush posted a teaser video in which the narrator checked in on how each of the band members was going about their daily lives before proclaiming that “the people of the world are ready for a comeback of historic proportions.”

The pop boy band proclaimed, “WE ARE BACK!”

The band revealed they were going on tour again in the video and caption that accompanied it. This December, the quartet will perform at the Chicago Theater and the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

Fans were also encouraged to use a link in their Instagram bio to join up for early access to pre-sale tickets.

The News Had Been Anticipated by Fans

Long-time admirers of the band speculated about a possible reunion before the announcement because the boy band and its members coordinated their social media layouts to be the same hue.

The official Big Time Rush page on Twitter changed its profile photo and background image to the color red on Monday, July 12, alerting fans to the change.

Logan Henderson, James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega, and Kendall Schmidt, the band’s four members, modified their Instagram display pictures to mirror the band’s move on Twitter.

Fans were ecstatic.

Fans rushed to their computers and began writing theories. Some speculated that a new single was in the works, while others predicted a reunion tour or special event.

One fan cried, “IF BIG TIME RUSH IS REALLY COMING BACK, I’M LITERALLY GONNA CRY FROM HAPPINESS.” “Big Time Rush probable comeback, pls 6 year old me is SCREAMING,” another fan commented.

Soon after, Twitter was swamped with ecstatic fans expressing their delight at the possibility of a reunion through a flurry of tweets and memes.

In the year 2020, the band came together.

The Los Angeles-based band got together in 2009 for a Nickelodeon series called Big Time Rush, in which all four of its members appeared. Until 2013, the show was on the air.

The band recorded three albums during their time together and finished their last live tour in 2014.

From the comfort of their various homes, the band played an acoustic rendition of their popular song “Worldwide” in the video.

Maslow told Smashing Interviews in early 2021 that the bandmates had been in touch more than they had in the previous few years.

They decided to do something during that period to convey some levity and “remain positive nostalgia” to their fans who had been through so much during that time.