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Big Sean’s Relationship with Jhene Aiko Is Extensive

Big Sean’s Relationship with Jhene Aiko Is Extensive

The question “who is Big Sean dating?” is uninteresting to die-hard Big Sean followers.

For those who aren’t aware, Sean has been in a relationship with Jhené Aiko since 2016, despite a brief breakup in March 2019. But it didn’t last long, as they were reunited before the end of 2019.

The duo initially met in 2012, when they collaborated on the songs ‘Beware’ and ‘I’m Gonna Be.’ Sean had invited her to a courtside game, and despite having a partner, Aiko agreed, despite having never gone to one before.

Aiko, on the other hand, broke up with her boyfriend shortly after, not because of Sean, but because she realized he was already married. Sean was already dating Glee’s Naya Rivera, so Aiko wanted to take her shot at him.

Until reports of their connection surfaced, the two remained pals. Sean was already married to Rivera and had broken up with his then-girlfriend Ariana Grande at this point, while Aiko was married to Dot da Genius.

The Relationship History of Big Sean and Jhené Aiko

The duo released their collaborative album Twenty 88 in April 2016, which showed their explosive chemistry and persuaded audiences that they were more than just partners and friends.

During an interview with Billboard that same month, Sean discussed his connection with his now-girlfriend, Aiko. Sean stated he didn’t know how to describe their connection at the moment, but he did say they loved each other.

Shippers were persuaded it wasn’t friendship love, despite the fact that he didn’t clarify what sort of love it was. Aiko and Dot da Genius filed for divorce in August, alleging “irreconcilable disagreements.” She and Sean had been pictured looking comfortable together at a number of events by this point.

Aiko finally spoke up in a September 2017 Billboard interview. She stated that Sean was her family and that she did not have many friends. He was thus dubbed “the love of her life” by her.

Aiko received a tattoo of Sean on her left tricep shortly after, at the same time her divorce was finalized.

Big Sean and Jhené Aiko Separate And Reunite

However, a source close to the pair stated that they had broken up in December 2018. Aiko had previously covered up her Big Sean tattoo with a galaxy tattoo. She had explained, however, that she had done it for aesthetic reasons.

In an Instagram message in March 2019, Aiko announced their breakup. She reacted to a fan who speculated that she might slam the rapper on her upcoming album, saying there was no hatred between them and that she adored him.

After collaborating on a new tune, ‘None of Your Concern,’ in November, the two ignited suspicions of a reunion. After that, they even rang in the new year and celebrated Valentine’s Day in Disneyland with each other.

During an Instagram Live in April 2020, Sean told his paramour that she was looking good, despite the fact that they had not confirmed they were back together. “Why don’t you marry me?” she said, to which he replied that she didn’t have to worry because it was in the works.

Sean and Aiko appear to be in it for the long haul.