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Bert Kreischer Is Preparing to Lose More Weight – He’s Sick of Being Fat

Bert Kreischer Is Preparing to Lose More Weight – He’s Sick of Being Fat

Bert Kreischer, a comedian, has undertaken numerous weight loss challenges throughout the years. Even while he frequently achieves great results, his drinking habits allow him to gain the weight back quickly.

Kreischer and Nadav decided to team up as diet accountability partners in a recent episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave in order to reduce weight. Kreischer explained to Tom Segura that he was sick of being obese as the reason he wanted to work harder to lose weight.

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He had gained so much weight, according to Kreischer, that his mouth had become too big.

By the time he finished this weight loss program, Kreischer wanted to weigh 225 pounds. When he attempted weight loss again in October 2019, his lowest weight in recent years was 229 pounds.

Kreischer and Nadav agreed to text and exchange pictures of their meals to each other to make sure they were both on track to lose weight. Additionally, the two will practice intermittent fasting and eat every meal between 2:00 and 10:00 p.m.

Previous Weight Loss Challenge of Bert Kreischer

Kreischer has made attempts to shed weight in the past. The comedian and Segura held a weight loss competition back in 2017 to see who could shed the most pounds. Segura and his wife Christina Pazsitzky noted that Kreischer’s abdomen resembled that of Gerard Depardieu, which prompted them to issue the challenge.

As a result, Kreischer’s Twitter account was inundated with questions from his admirers about why he was so obese. On the Joe Rogan Experience, Kreischer and Segura eventually started their weight loss challenge.

The challenge’s loser was required to cover the winner’s travel expenses anywhere he desired to go. Also required to be shaved was the loser’s beard.

Later, Ari Shaffir improved the difficulty of the challenge. If Kreischer and Segura’s BMI dropped out of the obese range, he pledged to pay for both of their travel expenses.

When the team completed the task, Shaffir was forced to cover both of their travel expenses. After shedding six more pounds than Kreischer, Segura ultimately triumphed.

The Evolution of Bert Kreischer’s Weight Loss

Kreischer lost a significant amount of weight throughout the challenge, but he rapidly gained it back. Additionally, it was only one of the comedian’s several efforts to get fitter.

When Kreischer was 40 years old, he weighed about 215 pounds, but after hosting the third season of the Travel Channel’s Trip Flip, he gained a lot of weight. He weighed 240 pounds by the time the show was over, and after getting hurt playing tag football, his weight continued to rise.