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Before ‘FBoy Island’ airs, here are four things you should know about it.

Before ‘FBoy Island’ airs, here are four things you should know about it.

HBO Max is getting a new reality dating show called FBoy Island. The show is presented by comedian Nikki Glaser and features a total of 27 contestants, 24 men, and three women.

Season 1 of FBoy Island will consist of ten episodes with a large prize pool. Before the show premiere on July 29, here are four things you should know about it.

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What’s the Story Behind the Name ‘FBoy Island’?

Because of the show’s concept, FBoy Island was given that moniker. The show will be set in the Cayman Islands and will have a cast of three ladies and 24 guys.

Twelve of the 24 men are fine gentlemen looking for love, while the other 12 are self-described FBoys just on the show for the money.

The three women will try to figure out who is a good guy and who is merely searching for money while navigating the dating pool.

With twists and turns along the road, the show promises to keep viewers and participating ladies guessing about the true nature of the male candidates.

The Show’s Creative Team

Aside from Glaser, who hosts the show, many other noteworthy individuals are involved in bringing it to the screen. Elan Gale, widely known for his work on The Bachelor franchise, is the creator of FBoy Island.

The HBO Max dating show is produced by STXalternative, with Gale executive producing as part of his TheYearOfElan Productions business, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Gale is also the author of the book You’re Not That Great. He worked on Midnight Mass as a scripted television writer-producer and Agnes, a feature film that premiered at Tribeca this year.

Sam Dean, the creator of 12 Dates of Christmas, Love is Blind, The Taste, and Married at First Sight, is the showrunner for FBoy Island.

Other Dating Shows Will Not Be Like ‘FBoy Island.’

It’s easy to get acclimated to the same formula as the number of dating competitions and shows joining different channels and streaming services grows.

Glaser, on the other hand, has stated that this show will be unique among its peers.

Glaser told US Weekly that FBoy Island is different from other series since it focuses on comedy.

Because of how amusing the show is, Glaser believes it will appeal to individuals who previously refused to watch dating shows.

Prize money of $100,000

To spice up the already-flavorful format, FBoy Island is offering a $100,000 prize to the victor. It hasn’t been confirmed whether the contestants earned any further compensation for performing on the show.

Love Island 2019 contestants, for example, were paid £250 per week to appear on the reality show.