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Before coming out as queer, Ezra Miller thought he was gay.

Before coming out as queer, Ezra Miller thought he was gay.

In 2012, actor Ezra Miller came out as queer. During an exclusive interview with Out magazine, he made the revelation public.

During the conversation, Miller stated, “I’m queer.” He then went into detail about his personal life and network of friends.

“I have a lot of fantastic pals,” the actor told the interviewer, who are of various “sexes and genders.”

When Miller talked of being in love with his buddies, regardless of their gender, he alluded to his polygamy practices.

The actor also revealed that he was “busy trying to figure out” partnerships while also expressing his fear about aggressively chasing “monogamous binds.”

Miller, who was nineteen years old at the time, stated that his generation was still learning about hackneyed relationship norms.

He chastised the romanticism that pervades popular culture and drives people to seek out popular habits.

Milner also questioned the true meaning of love, citing a lack of tools for establishing a true meeting.

According to the actor, being “unintentionally harmful” and “irresponsible” when you’re young is acceptable, and he’s “totally down” with it.

“That’s where I’m at in terms of boyfriend/girlfriend/zefriend,” Miller explained.

Following the conversation, Miller admitted that he had misidentified his sexuality as he grew up.

The actor initially identified as gay, but later described himself as a “very confused queer adolescent.”

Miller, who mistakenly believed he was gay in high school, tried kissing “guys in school,” but was heartbroken when his best friend “turned on him.”

According to Miller, this encounter transformed him from a stutterer to “a fully gay little opera singer.”

Ezra Miller was well-known for coming out as gay.

Miller said he felt like he “took the block away, [and] removed the dam” when he came out.

“I’ve undamaged my identity in the world,” the actor, who is most known for playing The Flash in DC’s Justice League, said.

Many “folks” inside and beyond the profession, including those he had “never spoken to,” have chastised him for his behavior, he said.

There’s a reason why actors and other members of the queer community actively working in Hollywood hide their identities, according to people who Miller won’t name.

It’s difficult for Miller to hear terms like “You’ve made a mistake,” he told the interviewer. He questioned whether or not coming out was a significant mistake, which Miller refused to admit.

The actor then called the comments “rubbish,” emphasizing that it is up to individuals to make their own decisions, not for others to have an opinion.

Miller was adamant about the issue, calling for individual liberty to “manifest the world we want to exist in,” and claiming that “people are ready” for it.

Near the end of the conversation, the actor asked those who were still inside the room a question “”It’s all right,” he says as he emerges from the closet. It’s all right.”