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Before and After Surgery — An Examination of Nikita Dragun’s Transformation

Before and After Surgery — An Examination of Nikita Dragun’s Transformation

There are numerous beauty influencers on YouTube, and Nikita Dragun is one of them.

In 2014, Dragun began her YouTube career by imparting cosmetics advice to her subscribers. She is not only a well-known beauty influencer, but also a savvy businesswoman with her own cosmetics line.

She is also a role model in the LGBTQ community due to her acceptance of her transgender identity. She came out as transgender in 2015, shared her transition journey with her fans, and was entirely transparent throughout the entire process.

She has also undergone numerous cosmetic procedures, which she has always been candid about. Additionally, she has frequently expressed delight in her transformation.

Here is a summary of her evolution over the years.

Nikita Dragun Before Surgery

Dragun realized she was unique during her elementary years.

During an interview with Forbes, she explained that she was very mature for her age, and that she wanted to wear dresses and be a diva when she was in preschool. However, one day her teacher questioned her attire and contacted her parents.

Dragun had to conceal her true identity and emotions because she was also taunted and tormented. Then, in high school, Dragun donned skinny jeans, purses, and false eyelashes, becoming “the most feminine gay guy” at their school.

Her peers accepted her for who she was, which was fortunate.

In 2016, Dragun documented the facial feminization procedure she underwent to reduce her facial features. Before surgery, her entire face appeared wholly different. She shaved her brow bone and mandible, lowered her hairline, and altered her nose. After that, Dragun uploaded another YouTube video about her breast augmentation experience.

Nikita Dragun Admits to Being Addicted to Plastic Surgery

In 2018, Dragun uploaded a video titled ‘Have I Gotten THE Surgery’ in which she discussed her transition and hormone therapy.

Dragun confessed immediately that she was addicted to plastic surgery. She explained that she had been very strategic and conducted extensive research throughout the transformation.

She explained that the procedure was always the same, beginning with hormone therapy. She added, however, that the process was lengthy because she abruptly went from thinking, feeling, and acting like a male to a woman with breast tissue growth.

The transformation of Dragun’s visage prompted her to become increasingly self-conscious about her appearance, leading her to undergo an increasing number of cosmetic procedures.

Dragun added that when there was nothing left to repair, she had the urge to find something else to fix because she felt enormous pressure to achieve a particular level of confidence. She revealed that as a result, she developed a significant complication that she had to fix.

But that is now all in the past. Today’s beauty influencer exudes confidence and inspires others.