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Bailey Sarian: Is She Married? Some believe that she and her fiancé married in secret.

Bailey Sarian: Is She Married? Some believe that she and her fiancé married in secret.

Bailey Sarian, a social media influencer, is well-known for her unconventional YouTube series called Murder, Mystery and Makeup and Dark History.

The makeup expert has routinely posted videos with makeup tutorials since creating her own account in January 2013. Then, in 2019, she began recounting actual crimes in her videos.

Viewers from all across the world paid close attention to the original perspective on normally commonplace subject. Her fan base and subscriber base both began to expand as a result.

Sarian has 5.76 million YouTube subscribers as of this writing, and that number is unquestionably rising every day.

Her personal life appears to be equally as happy as her work life. She has been romantically involved with Menso One, also known as Fernando Valdez, for a considerable amount of time.

Graffiti and tattoo artist Valdez. In Fairfax, Los Angeles, he has his own private studio called Memory Lane Hollywood.

Relationship between Fernando Valdez and Bailey Sarian

Sarian and Valdez began dating after meeting on Friday the 13th of December 2013. Valdez proposed to the YouTuber on their trip to Paris after three years of dating. On top of the Eiffel Tower, he started playing with the engagement ring.

Sarian hinted that the proposal was unexpected in a post on Instagram announcing her engagement on May 16, 2016, writing, “Yeah, I didn’t see it coming.” She displayed her dark pink ruby ring with diamonds set onto its golden band in the post.

The content producer has made numerous videos since getting engaged, sometimes while wearing her engagement ring and sometimes not. Fans began to wonder if she had split up with her fiance due to the absence of the ring on her left hand, though.

Her devoted supporters helped her out after a lengthy Reddit thread was started on the subject. One of her followers said, “She doesn’t wear it much, but that doesn’t indicate anything.”

Another participant had a similar view, pointing out how challenging it was to wear a ring while going about one’s everyday business. Even more interesting was the fact that the internet user’s buddy never wore her ring because she didn’t want it to become filthy or broken.

The person then stated that Sarian stopped wearing her ring since the ingredients in her regular use of heavy makeup could damage the band.

A third supporter added that the couple’s relationship was still going strong. The individual mentioned that they had acquired a home and were cohabiting.

Bailey Sarian: Is She Married?

For almost ten years, Sarian and her fiance had been together.

Many of their supporters are unsure of their marital status. Not only that. Some of her supporters are certain that the couple wed in a covert ceremony.

One poster speculated that Sarian and Sarian might already be legally married but were holding off on having a large wedding to make it official in a Reddit discussion about Sarian’s marital status.

Perhaps they secretly got married before their trip earlier this year, another source speculated.

The majority of the comments said that Sarian had wed her fiance, while the others desired that the notion was accurate and the pair really were husband and wife. “I certainly hope so! Quite romantic “One of the crowd cried out. In all honesty, we wish the same thing!

However, until Sarian or her partner discloses or makes an announcement regarding the situation, all speculative inferences should be treated with caution.