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Atz Lee and his wife’s 2018 divorce rumors have been addressed and refuted, and they have stated that their children would not be a part of the show.

Atz Lee and his wife’s 2018 divorce rumors have been addressed and refuted, and they have stated that their children would not be a part of the show.

Atz Lee Kichler and his wife Jane Kichler star in the American reality show Alaska: The Last Frontier as a loving couple. They are well-known for documenting their Alaskan family life. However, there were speculations in 2018 that the pair was divorcing and going their separate ways.

Let’s investigate those rumors to see if the frontier pair is still together or has split up.

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Lee and Kichler Respond to Rumors of Divorce

Divorce rumors are common among couples in the entertainment industry, and the Last Frontier couple appears to be no exception.

In February 2020, Lee indirectly responded to the false rumors by sharing a heartfelt social media post dedicated to his wife with the caption, “She’s the one, the hope and opportunity.”

“It’s the eyes that catch my attention and help me rest my weary spirit…”

And if that wasn’t enough to dispel the haze, the couple frequently posted pictures on their Instagram account to show their love for one another, demonstrating that they have been married for a long time. And based on the wonderful photos they share, we can be confident that they will not call it quits anytime soon.

Etienne and Piper, the couple’s two lovely children, complete the picture.

Both of their children are from previous marriages.

While Lee is completely reliant on hunting, Jane is in charge of fishing and ensuring that the family has enough fish to last through the long, icy Alaskan winters. The couple was previously married to their respective spouses, and both of their children are from previous relationships.

In 1997, the frontier “hunter” married Nantia Krisintu, an MPA graduate from the University of Alaska. Etienne Kilcher, the couple’s first child, was born in May 2001. Unfortunately, the marriage was not joyful, so the Last Frontier hunter decided to divorce, and his ex-wife returned to Chicago.

Jane, on the other hand, was previously married to Dicran Kassouni, and their daughter, Piper Isolde Kassouni, was born on June 4, 2003. The couple chose to split very soon after Piper was born.

The Frontier Couple Made the Decision to Keep Their Children Away from the Reality Show

The pair stated on social media in September 2018 that their children would not be visible on the famous reality show from Season 8 onwards.

Viewers who expected to see the entire Kichler family together after her announcement were disappointed. Even in prior years, the “fisherwoman” was forthright about her desire to keep the kids out of the spotlight and allow them to make their own decisions once they reached adulthood.

She went on to say that their son, Etienne (who was 16 at the time), could choose whether or not to participate in the show; however, his younger sister, who was just 15, did not want to, and she supported her daughter’s decision.

Jane also mentioned that one of the reasons she did not want her children to be exposed to cameras was because of social media bullying. She also claimed that internet trolls disseminated false tales about Jane and Lee’s breakup. She didn’t want her children to be in the same situation as their parents because she was a responsible parent.