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At the Academy Awards, Harrison Ford reads a hilarious list of studio notes for “Blade Runner.”

At the Academy Awards, Harrison Ford reads a hilarious list of studio notes for “Blade Runner.”

There were several memorable moments at the Oscars in 2021. The introduction of Harrison Ford to the award for Best Film Editing was a highlight for everyone.

The beginning of a film can often make or break it, and Ford added his own flair to it by reading aloud a litany of complaints of his iconic 1982 picture Blade Runner.

“These comments can help us appreciate why the editing process can frequently get a little difficult,” the actor said at the end of his introduction.

While the critiques were harsh, his performance elicited a hearty laugh from the audience. Ford’s opening speech was both entertaining and eye-opening, and many people believed it was the greatest of the night.

The Award For Best Film Editing was presented by Ford.

After delivering his statement, the Blade Runner star presented the prize for Best Film Editing. Sound of Metal, starring Riz Ahmed and Paul Raci, won the award.

The film Sound of Metal is about a musician whose life is flipped upside down after he loses his hearing.

Blade Runner: Apocalypse Criticisms

Blade Runner is one of the most influential films in popular culture. Its genre-defining characteristics have influenced scores of works all across the world, from its futuristic neo-noir environment to the investigation of human nature.

Blade Runner, on the other hand, was a critical and box office flop when it first came out on June 25, 1982. The problems with it were also obvious. As Ford said in his Oscar acceptance speech, one of the things that was criticized the most was the voice-over, among other things.

Blade Runner has gone through eight different cuts since its original release in 1982, owing to these concerns. The final edit of the eight cuts, was released in 2007.

Each of these cuts was unique and attempted to make the film function in its own manner. The director’s cut, for example, has Ford’s voice-over completely erased, while the director’s cut and final edit have vastly different styles and images.

Regardless of the film’s flaws, it is an essential piece of cinema that has influenced a variety of other works.

While Ford’s voice over was panned, his acting was praised by many, and he returned to reprise his role as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner 2049.

Blade Runner 2049 won Best Achievement in Cinematography and Best Achievement in Visual Effects at the Academy Awards in 2018.