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Ashnikko is he gay? Her quest to understand her gender and sexual orientation

Ashnikko is he gay? Her quest to understand her gender and sexual orientation

Ashton Casey, better known by her stage as Ashnikko, is rapidly making a reputation for herself in the music industry because of her distinctively bright blue hair and distinctive street-style appearance.

Furthermore, the rapper has quickly amassed millions of fans because of her compelling beats, inventive rhymes, and songs about feminism and identity orientation.

However, this has also raised a number of inquiries about her sexual orientation, including:

Ashnikko is he gay?

The public embraced and liked Ashnikko’s mixtape “Demidevil” when it was released in January 2021.

The album’s lone song, “Slumber Party,” starring Princess Nokia, best captures the record’s gay triumph.

Ashnikko revealed in her interview with Gay Times that she was a very secretive gay lady with few chances, to be honest with herself. She thought there was something wrong with her because she was raised in a little Southern town.

We’ve shared the coming-out tale of Ashnikko, the beloved blue-haired queen, with you this Pride Month.

The Internet Aided in Ashnikko’s Publication

The rap star was raised in a religiously conservative area of North Carolina, and she was constantly conscious of the tension between her liberal beliefs and those of her “patriarchal” family. In those days, neither feminism nor LGBTQ+ rights were particularly welcomed by her family.

In an interview with Gay Times in 2020, Ashnikko said she had been different ever since she could remember. Why am I so envious of my buddy when she finds a lover and why do I enjoy all of my friends? She frequently asked, “Like, so jealous?”

Tumblr in particular helped Ashnikko come to terms with her orientation thanks to the internet.

The artist then spoke openly about her sentiments for females and herself. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that she came out. The singer of “Slumber Party” admitted she was a little frustrated with herself for waiting so long to come out and accept herself.

It was Tumblr that saved me. I thought, “Wow, this is wonderful!” Finally!” Added she.

Santana Lopez on “Glee” Aided Her in Making Sense of Things

Additionally, Ashnikko noted that the renowned portrayal of the lesbian cheerleader Santana Lopez by Naya Rivera in the Glee series helped her come to terms with her orientation.

Regrettably, in 2020, Rivera sadly drowned at Lake Piru, California. As a child, Ashnikko recalls that she was the first openly gay woman she had ever seen on television.

Until Rivera passed away, according to Ashnikko, she was unaware of how much it had affected her.

It appeared to her as though an older sister had died. She revealed that Lopez, played by Rivera, gradually assisted her family in eschewing their conservative viewpoints. Of course, that involved binge-watching Glee.

And today, the artist’s family wholeheartedly backs her and her artistic ambitions.

She clarified, however, that her large family still regards her as a “heathen” relative and disapproves of both her and her employment.

Ashnikko claimed that because of her background, she was more outspoken and little rebellious. She said, “I was rebelling against my family.

In 2019, Ashnikko Publicly Came Out as Bi.

The rap legend originally came out as bisexual in July 2019, just before Pride London came to a conclusion.

She admitted on Twitter that this was the first year she had been really honest with herself about who she was.

In the subsequent tweet, Ashnikko claimed that after leaving her little town and being accepted by London’s most attractive LGBTIQ+ population, she realized that she was completely normal.

Then, in May 2021, Ashnikko revealed herself as pansexual on Twitter in response to criticism that her song fetishized transgender people.

The 25-year-old artist made it clear that she wasn’t prepared to share it with the public until then.

But she felt that now that everyone was analyzing her sexual orientation and gender identity, it was time to come out.