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Ashley McBryde has tattoos commemorating every significant event in her life.

Ashley McBryde has tattoos commemorating every significant event in her life.

Ashley McBryde, a rising country star, openly displays the tattoos on her body and has a tattoo to commemorate each big life event.

Despite the fact that practically every piece of art on her body tells a narrative, she has a few that she has come to regret over time.

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McBryde Decided to Stop Counting Tattoos

When asked how many tattoos she had on her body during an interview with One Country, the country singer answered, “I quit counting,” in true McBryde style.

The singer went on to say that because she had so many different drawings on her skin, they eventually combined into one enormous artwork.

Nancy Miller was one of the people she remembered from.

Little Rock began by piercing the first few of her tattoos, and it grew from there. She went on to say,

Getting Inked was a regular occurrence.

Even while each tattoo has its own meaning and narrative, the artist admitted that when she returned to Arkansas, being inked was just part of her daily ritual.

Her record label wanted to make a day-in-the-life movie while shooting the ‘American Scandal’ music video, so she went about her daily routine while the team shot.

Her typical day at home included seeing her godchildren, getting a tattoo, and going to Reno’s, a bar where she’d worked for eleven years.

Miller’s artistic rendition of ‘American Scandal’ is, of course, tattooed on her body.

She planned on getting more tattoos.

She went on to say later in the interview that she had every intention of getting more tattoos to fill in the gaps.

She indicated that she would start with her thighs and that she wanted a lion tamer tattoo because she was a Leo.

Three lions on stools with a ringmaster pinning them up on the stools was the design she had in mind. She added that she wanted that particular item because she had a friend from Little Rock named Leo.

“She said you’re not a Leo, you’re the Leo,” she continued, “all day long putting lions on stools.” “I’ll take that as well.”

Every one of her tattoos has a special meaning for her.

She told Belles & Girls in another interview that the majority of her tattoos were music-related, but she also had other tattoos. For example, she has a tattoo of her vehicle on one arm and a tattoo of her father’s corvette on the other.

She remembered her first tattoo, which was of a girl with an apple on her head and the words “Be Brave” written nearby. She apparently had to be brave when she initially moved to Nashville in her early twenties because she didn’t know anyone.

The sensation was quite comparable to having someone shoot an apple from the top of one’s head, which is why the tattoo was created. Her mother, siblings, and godchildren are also tattooed on her body.

In an interview with Ty, Kelly, and Chuck, the ‘Girl Goin’ Nowhere’ singer revealed that she had one tattoo on her lower back that she dislikes: a tattoo of “a fat baby devil” wearing a bikini.

When she was eighteen, she got the tattoo, which she described as “I’m out of the house.” “I’m going to do whatever I want.” tattoo.