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Are you dating or married actor Tobias Menzies from “The Crown”?

Are you dating or married actor Tobias Menzies from “The Crown”?

English actor Tobias Menzies has attracted a lot of attention thanks to his several TV appearances, including those of Edmure Tully in Game of Thrones, Prince Phillip in The Crown, and Frank Randall and Black Jack Randall in Outlander. This interest has mainly focused on his personal life.

However, since he came under public attention for dating a married woman, the unassumingly gorgeous actor with grooved cheeks has kept his relationship information private.

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A connection to Kristin Scott Thomas

Menzies’ relationship with English actress Kristin Scott Thomas made headlines, in part because of their 13-year age difference and rumors that they had an extramarital affair.

In 2003, while appearing in Chekhov’s The Three Sisters, the Outlander actor and the mother-of-three first became acquainted.

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However, two years later, when Thomas was appearing in London’s stage rendition of the film As You Desire Me, word of their connection finally broke. She was still wed to François Olivenness, a gynecologist.

Her closeness to Menzies, meanwhile, was made clear during their stroll along Chelsea’s King’s Road and their romantic supper at an Italian restaurant. They proceeded to Thomas’ place, where Menzies had gotten out of the other morning, after supper.

Thomas divorced her husband the same year their agent acknowledged their on-the-rise romance. And when the divorce took place, so did her romance with the Rome actor.

The native of North London and his girlfriend resisted sharing specifics about their relationship and breakup.

They appear to have remained friendly despite their separation. On May 22, 2020, Menzies presented the film about his ex-girlfriend, Military Wives.

Relationship status at this time

The Crown star has kept his dating life private ever since his breakup with Kristin Thomas.

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He primarily uses Twitter; he doesn’t use Instagram. His social media accounts haven’t been updated with any details concerning his relationship.

It is therefore unknown if the 47-year-old is dating anyone or is wed. Another possibility is that the actor is enjoying being single so he can concentrate on his work. However, because the performer has protected his or her seclusion, no inferences may be drawn.

explained the gay rumors circulating about his character

Menzies plays Jonathan, sometimes known as Black Jack, in the American television series Outlander.

Even though he was a man, the character had a slight fixation with Sam Heughan’s Jamie Fraser, who was also a man.

After the episode where Black Jack coerces Jamie into a physical interaction, people wondered if Black Jack was gay.

However, Menzies confirmed the claims in a May 2016 interview with EW. He said that the sexuality of his character hadn’t been classified as homosexual. He added that Jonathan’s friendship with Jamie was motivated by envy rather than sexual attraction.