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Are Kristen Bell’s Tattoos Real? Inside Her ‘Body of Lies’

Are Kristen Bell’s Tattoos Real? Inside Her ‘Body of Lies’

Kristen Bell, who is well known for her roles in The Good Place and Veronica Mars, once startled everyone by revealing her tattoos in public. Her tattoos were visible all over her body.

“I have 214 professional tattoos, nine of which I did myself,” she revealed in a January 2012 YouTube video for Funny or Die.

Kristen Bell revealed in the feature video “Kristen Bell’s Body of Lies” that each piece of her tattoo signified something different, including her previous relationship, a man’s dualism, and butterflies. She also disclosed that her first tattoo was done when she was in the seventh school.

The actress came on set at 3:30 a.m., and it took them roughly 12-14 hours each day to conceal her tattoos with makeup, according to the makeup artists.

They supposedly had to do it to get her ready for filming, as she couldn’t appear onscreen with that many tattoos.

The actress also revealed that she used a lot of makeup to hide her tattoos, which is why none of her admirers noticed them.

Because she showed out her tattoos for the first time, the video went popular on the internet, with many people asking, “Are Kristen Bell’s tattoos real?”

It Was Just a Joke in the Viral Video

The viral film, which was created by the Funny or Dies team, turned out to be a comedy sketch in which the 41-year-old actress acted in a fictitious behind-the-scenes interview setting.

None of the tattoos depicted in the video were real.

Bell stated that she had no tattoos on her body in April 2016, while appearing on a Wired video to answer some of the internet’s most frequently asked concerns about her. After expressing that, the Frozen star went on to remark that she has always desired one.

“I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but my husband doesn’t like tattooed girls,” she said, referring to her husband, Dax Shepard. “I believe it intimidates him since he [already] has a lot.”

Do Kristen Bell’s Tattoos Look Real Now?

Bell hinted at having a motherhood-related tattoo in the future during an interview on The Motherly Podcast in March 2020.

“I realized I’ve always had maternal instincts, but I’ve never called them as such,” she said, adding, “But now I will.”

But it’s been a few years since the spoof video and her statements about wanting to get a tattoo surfaced, and it’s unclear whether Bell actually got her tattoos.

We’d like to assume the actress doesn’t already have one, and if she does, she’ll be the first to tell us.