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Are Cuban Doll and Kodak Black Still Dating? Looks Like Kodak Got Another Girlfriend

Are Cuban Doll and Kodak Black Still Dating? Looks Like Kodak Got Another Girlfriend

Kodak Black, an American rapper, has had a storied career and has been involved with the law on numerous occasions. He was recently released from prison in August after spent seven months in prison for appearing in a video with a child in possession of a gun and marijuana. His love life has also been a hot issue, with his connection with Cuban Doll making headlines.

For quite some time, Kodak Black has been dating Instagram model Cuban Doll. They began dating in late 2016, and the two are always visible on Instagram, expressing their love for one another. Kodak recently flaunted his love life in front of his followers by having Cuban Doll propose to her on her knees and then showering her with cash, ensuring that everyone could see his opulence.

There have been speculations that Kodak Black and his girlfriend Cuban Doll have broken up, and these allegations may be real because Kodak has erased all images of his boyfriend Kodak from his Instagram profile, and Cuban Doll has also deleted all photos of her boyfriend Kodak. There hasn’t been any news about Kodak’s new girlfriend as of now.

Details on the relationship between Cuban Doll and Kodak Black

Cuban Doll and Kodak Black began dating at the end of 2016, and the two had an open relationship that was visible to all. The two are frequently photographed together on Instagram, and they appear to be having a nice time. They were deeply in love with each other and made sure that everyone knew about it through Instagram posts.

Kodak enjoys flaunting both his money and his women, and he did it with Cuban Doll. He forced her to get down on her knees and propose to him. If that wasn’t enough, he then lavished her with cash, demonstrating his lavish lifestyle.

Breakup of Cuban Doll and Kodak Black, Kodak’s New Girlfriend?

Cuban Doll and Kodak appear to be no longer together, as Kodak has deleted his Instagram account and no sign of Cuban can be seen there. Cuban Doll has also deleted all images of Kodak from her Instagram account, indicating that they are no longer together.

Kodak Black has taken down his Instagram account.

There is no information on Kodak’s new girlfriend at this time, and we don’t know whether she even has one. After seven months in prison, it’s understandable that he wouldn’t have a girlfriend at this point.

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