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Any ‘Naked and Afraid’ Deaths? Show trivia

Any ‘Naked and Afraid’ Deaths? Show trivia

Naked and Afraid is an outdoor survival show.

While some survival reality shows are contrived, pre-planned, or performed under expert supervision, others represent lethal conditions in which average people may not survive a day.

Several survival shows have had mishaps, accidents, and deaths. Naked and Afraid?

Any ‘Naked and Afraid’ Deaths?

Naked and Afraid is a Discovery Channel reality show where contestants must survive in the woods for 21 days.

They must survive without clothes and bring one useful item. They must also locate food, shelter, and water.

The audience wonders if leaving is worth the risk the survivalists endure.

Some viewers question if a contestant has died in severe conditions.


Naked and Afraid is death-free.

Manu Toigo and Samantha Ohl nearly died in competition.

Some ‘Naked and Afraid’ contestants nearly died

While filming Naked and Afraid in 2013, Manu Toigo was attacked by a mosquito.

In a 2013 interview with TMZ, she said she didn’t think much of the bite at the time, but she started having headaches and nosebleeds when she returned to Los Angeles.

Naked and Afraid alum was hospitalized for two weeks and recovered. She wouldn’t change her near-death experience, she said.

“Most epic experience,” she said.

Samantha Ohl had an NDE recently. She was debilitated after being caught in a storm while filming ‘Stone Cold’

She refused to warm Adam. Ohl had moderate hypothermia and couldn’t feel her extremities when he called for aid.

Yahoo! claims that the paramedic was worried Ohl’s organs would shut down. He got her to the hospital in time.

Ohl recovered without lasting effects. “My kids will see, Mom did it,” she stated during her rehabilitation.

Her body couldn’t handle the last section, she said. She wanted to high-five Adam and say, “We did it.”

Does ‘Naked and Afraid’ Pay?

Long debated: are Naked and Afraid contestants paid?

Officially, the only award is pride and accomplishment. Former cast members said they’re on the program for the experience and to prove they can survive in the wild.

In 2015, Channel Guide questioned casting director Kristi Russell if challenge finishers get a prize. She emphasized, “No award.”

Reimbursing Participants

Russell said candidates are reimbursed for their time despite no prize money. She said they get a monthly compensation for lost salary.

They’d get round-trip tickets to the survival challenge.

According to 2014 Naked and Afraid regulations, contestants would also receive $5000 cash.

The network only casts physically fit contestants since they risk their bodily and mental health.