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Anne With an E is rumored to be renewed after Amybeth Mcnulty accepts a new Netflix role.

Anne With an E is rumored to be renewed after Amybeth Mcnulty accepts a new Netflix role.

Amybeth McNulty, a teen performer, has accepted a role in the fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Vickie, “a hip, fast-talking band nerd who makes one of the heroes fall for her,” will be her character.

McNulty previously appeared on Anne with an E as Anne Shirley, the main character. The show is based on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic children’s novel Anne of Green Gables, which was published in 1908.

However, due to a disagreement between the creators, Netflix, and the CBC, the show was canceled after three seasons (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

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Despite the fact that the show was canceled by Netflix in late 2019, fans continued to lobby for its renewal.

McNulty was taken aback when she discovered self-portraits all over Times Square and downtown Toronto in early 2020. Unbeknownst to her, the 19-year-old actress had found herself at the heart of a fan campaign aimed at convincing Netflix to renew Anne with an E.

More than 1.5 million signatures had been collected on the campaign, which mostly comprised of an internet petition. The actor had an emotional outburst as a result of this.

“The fight these individuals put up is extraordinary,” she remarked. That is something I will never forget. What an honor to be a part of it.”

She also added that neither she nor the rest of the crew had anticipated this and that she was grateful for and even astounded by the outpouring of support she had gotten.

McNulty also stated at the time that it would be her desire to end the show with a miniseries or a movie and that she would “take part in everything” to do so.

Many A-list celebrities, like Ryan Reynolds, advocated for the show’s renewal, and the campaign acquired a lot of attention.

Fans believe that now that McNulty is ready to appear in another Netflix special, it is the right time for the production team to make amends with the star and the fans.

Netflix has yet to comment on any prospective renewal, but fans remain hopeful.

The Big Difference Between Netflix and CBC

While both the CBC and Netflix first refused to give reasons for the show’s discontinuation, later reports showed the two businesses’ strained relationship. Catherine Tait, the CEO and President of the CBC compared Netflix’s presence in Canada to “imperialism.”

She compared Netflix to the Viceroy of India, implying that it was acting in the best interests of the Indian people. She asked the corporation to consider its influence on local Canadians as well as how they react to foreign companies entering their nation.

“We’re not here to pursue a low dollar,” Netflix’s head of public policy for Canada, Stéphane Cardin, answered. He also stated that Netflix’s major goal was to allow Canadians to broadcast shows to the rest of the world “as they’ve never been able to before.”

In turn, Tait was hesitant to sign long-term arrangements with Netflix because she believed it would benefit foreign corporations more than native industries.

This disagreement has resulted in a tumultuous and apparently irreversible relationship. While the crew, actors, and fans all hope for a series renewal, there is little evidence to suggest this is a realistic prospect.