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Anna, John Daly’s wife, has aided him in every aspect of his life.

Anna, John Daly’s wife, has aided him in every aspect of his life.

With his collection of wacky pants, penchant for life-destroying vices like gambling and alcohol, and complete disregard for what others think of him, John Daly has earned the moniker “Wild Thing.”

He stunned the golfing world when he won the PGA Championship in 1991, but he has struggled to maintain his form since then. Daly had no luck in the love department as well.

He’s been married four times and divorced each time. Currently, the 55-year-old has plans of fifth marriage with his fiancée, Anna Cladakis.

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The Fifth Time Is a Charm

Daly first met Cladakis in 2007 while she was doing PR for Hooters during his separation from his fourth wife. She was working as a promotional director at Hooters, and since meeting Cladakis, Daly seems to have been at ease with his life.

In 2014, the couple decided to take things slowly and got engaged. Daly got healthier and changed his ways, all thanks to Cladakis, who has been praised for taming golf’s former “Wild Thing.”

In an interview with Corey McKernan, the golfer beamed about her positive impact on him.

He gushes about how she is one of the most supportive human beings in his life and helps him in every sense, like dealing with his sponsors and setting up his zoom interviews.

The interviewer then asked him if a younger Daly would have listened to her.

The couple does not share any children although both of them have children from previous marriages.

Stormy Marriages

Daly’s first marriage was in 1987 with ex-wife Dale Crafton, a hand model from Arkansas. The couple moved to Crafton’s hometown of Blytheville, Arkansas, to spend their new lives but found himself bored and unhappy in the small town.

It got too much, and two years later, they got divorced.

Just two months after the divorce, Daly met his second wife, Bettye Fulford, and their relationship was riddled with controversies from the start.

He found out that Fulford was 10 years older than he thought and that she had a 13-year-old son, which resulted in a breakup. However, they made amends and got married in 1992.

Soon thereafter, Fulford gave birth to Daly’s daughter, Shynah Hale. The marriage did not last long after assault allegations surfaced, and they finally divorced in 1995.

Daly’s third marriage was to a woman named Paulette Doan, whom he had briefly dated while he was on a break from his second wife.

Once his divorce from Fulford was finalized, Daly and Dean got back together and married. With Dean, Daly had another daughter Sierra Lynn.

The marriage was as tumultuous as those that preceded it, and after four years, they divorced.

Daly’s subsequent marriage was with Memphis native Sherrie Miller. The duo got married and gave birth to Daly’s first and only son, John Patrick Daly II.

However, in 2007, their marriage soured when the couple got in a fight at a restaurant, and they divorced in 2010.

His failed marriages did not stop the pro golfer from finding love, and he finally found it with Cladakis.