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Anita Baker’s Ex-husband Walter Bridgforth Jr., The Ex-Pair Shares Two Sons

Anita Baker’s Ex-husband Walter Bridgforth Jr., The Ex-Pair Shares Two Sons

Anita Baker began her career in the late 1970s and went on to become one of the most successful singers of the 1980s, winning a Grammy in the process. Anita has supposedly won eight Grammy Awards and has five Platinum and one Gold albums under her belt before announcing her retirement.

Anita Baker’s effect is still felt today. She did, however, have a tumultuous divorce with her ex-husband, Walter Bridgforth Jr. Anita is a proud mother of two children, despite the rocky and severe separation settlement.

For the time being, we’ll be following Anita Baker’s ex-husband Walter Bridgforth Jr. Keep reading to find out if Walter was on the verge of sending her to prison.

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WBBJ Investment Co. President

As previously said, Anita Baker had a successful career as a soulful ballad singer, winning numerous honors. She was also married for several years to an ambitious guy named Walter Bridgforth Jr. before angrily divorcing him.

Walter Bridgforth Jr., Anita Baker’s ex-husband, has been the President of W.B.B.J Rental Properties since 1997. The company’s main goal is to get national family-style restaurant brands to invest in Detroit.

Bridgforth’s company has made considerable progress as a result of their decades of dedication. He was also a firm believer in bringing sit-down restaurant franchises to Detroit.

Walter has also worked for a few music and video businesses in the suburbs, allowing him to return to the city. In addition, he was the first African-American to establish a residential development in Grosse Pointe Farms.

Walter named the private four-lot lakefront neighborhood Baker Lane Estates after his ex-wife, Anita Baker, a golf fanatic.

Walter Bridgforth worked at IBM before launching his own business. He did not mention any of his work histories on LinkedIn, although the owner of The EBBJ Properties of Michigan does make a passing reference to his professional background. Bridgforth Jr. confirmed that he is a Western Michigan University graduate when browsing his Facebook page.

Bridgforth Jr. is very active on social media, where he posts images of himself and his family. He’s also single, according to his social media relationship status. He was formerly married to Anita Baker, a ballad singer.

In 1998, he married Anita, a soulful singer.

Anita Baker’s ex-husband, as previously said, is currently single and doing well. He did, however, spend two decades with Baker, from 1988 to 2008.

Anita has always been a private individual who has kept her personal life private. As a result, little is known about the former couple’s relationship.

In a private ceremony on December 24, 1988, Anita and Walter exchanged their vows. We won’t get into the specifics of the couple’s wedding, but they did share a true love for each other. Anita motivated her husband to found the Bridgforth Foundation, a non-profit organization.

The Bridgforth Foundation helped 25 students from Barry Elementary Education in Detroit pay for their first two years of college or trade school. In 2014, the foundation ceased operations.

Walter Bridgforth Jr., Anita Baker’s ex-husband, has two boys from their decades-long marriage. Walter’s Facebook page is the source of this image.

“I bet everything on my wedding ring/ I’m giving you the best that I got,” Anita pledged in a love ballad she co-wrote with Randy Holland and Skip Scarborough.

Unfortunately, Anita’s blossoming career collided with all of her personal misfortunes, and the couple divorced in 2005 after two boys. Anita was nearly incarcerated throughout their divorce procedure, so the separation may not be the worst part for the former couple.

Divorce Can Be Difficult

The divorce of Anita Baker from her former husband, Walter Bridgforth, may go down in history as one of the most spectacular divorces ever.

Anita and Walter separated in 2005 after seventeen years of marriage and reportedly divorced in 2008. Anita’s first divorce agreement stipulated a 50-50 split of income from two albums, ‘Giving You the Best I Got’ and ‘Rhythm of Love.’

Anita Baker, who had been divorced for a few years, faced a possible jail sentence after she protested to the $12k he’d received as half of the royalty payments in 2009. The royalty figures, according to Baker’s ex-husband, were far more prominent. As a result, the judge ordered Baker to rewrite his letters in mutually understandable language with the assistance of court-appointed experts.

Baker signed a similar letter of authorization following their divorce, demanding’mechanical’ payments or the inclusion of songs written during their decade-long marriage.

Despite the arduous divorce proceedings, Anita and Walter’s love for their children remains unfathomable.

Two Children Welcoming Each Other

Walter and Anita Baker had two boys over their eighteen years of marriage, as previously stated. Walter Baker Bridgforth, their oldest son, was born in January 1993. Edward Carlton Bridgforth, their second child, was born a year later in May 1994.

Despite their hard divorce, Anita and Walter are both active participants in their children’s lives. Walter and Edward Baker, Anita Baker’s children, bear a strong likeness to her.

Walter II, Anita Baker’s son, is a skilled DJ and sound engineer, while their youngest son prefers to keep to himself. Walter Jr. has a strong bond with both of his children and occasionally posts images of them together.

Anita Baker submitted legal documents to remove her former partner’s name from her name, despite the fact that they had been divorced for several years.

Furthermore, Anita Baker, Walter’s ex-wife, made news after requesting that her followers cease streaming her songs and stop purchasing her CD. Spotify Streaming does not pay artists/creators what they are worth, according to the R&B legend. Anita broke down streaming service fees in a series of tweets in which she informed her supporters that she will fight for her masters.

Walter Bridgforth Jr., Anita Baker’s ex-husband, on the other hand, is living a happy life surrounded by his loved ones.

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