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Angus Young Net Worth – Income And Earnings From AC/DC And Other Ventures

Angus Young Net Worth – Income And Earnings From AC/DC And Other Ventures

Angus Young (born Angus McKinnon Young) is an Australian musician. He is best known as the co-founder, songwriter, and lead guitarist of the legendary Australian hard rock band AC/DC. He has amassed enormous fame and money as a result of his musical career.

Angus Young’s net worth is projected to be $140 million, according to The Richest. For the time being, let’s look at how Angus came to have such a large fortune in his name, as well as his earnings.

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Angus Young’s Salary And Net Worth

Angus Young’s net worth is believed to be $140 million, as previously stated. He has amassed a vast fortune from the sale of music recordings and other business enterprises. His first guitar was an inexpensive acoustic instrument obtained secondhand by his mother.

Similarly, his first Gibson SG, which was also a used purchase, was purchased in 1970 from a music store just down the street from his home. He began his musical career as a member of the Marcus Hook Roll Band, which was created by George Young and Harry Vanda. Malcolm Young was also a member of the group.

Musical Career Earnings

As previously noted, Angus began his musical career as a member of the Marcus Hook Roll Band, which includes musicians George, Malcolm, and Harry. He was also a member of Kantuckee, a local band. Then he and his brother, Malcolm, created AC/DC in 1973.

He played lead guitar, while Malcolm played rhythm, Dave Evans sang, Colin Burgess played drums, and Larry Van Kriedt played bass guitar. Then they began publishing a series of music CDs, which went on to sell millions of copies worldwide. In addition, the album “High Voltage” was certified 3X Platinum in the United States, with a minimum profits of $3,000,000.

High Voltage, meanwhile, received 5X Platinum Records in Australia, with a minimum profits of $350,000. Aside from this album, Angus has made several other albums with the band, all of which have helped him amass vast sums of money. Power Up, their other album, became the fastest-selling album of 2020 in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia, selling 117,000 copies in its first week in the United States.

Furthermore, according to The Richest, below are some of AC/albums DC’s and their sales.

Albums Record Sales
The Razors Edge $8,570,000
Blow Up Your Video $1,910,000
Let There Be Rock $3,640,000
Fly on the Wall $1,790,000
Highway to Hell $11,060,000
Back in Black $35,540,000
For Those About To Rock We Salute You $7,290,000
Flick of the Switch $1,570,000

Aside from these albums, the band has also created a number of music videos, which have enabled the bandmate earn a substantial sum of money. They also profited from the ticket sales of their event in numerous locations.

This is only one of the numerous music albums that Angus has produced with the band. As a result, he must have made a lot of money during his music career.

Other Sources of Income

Angus’s celebrity and prominence in the music industry must have resulted in countless endorsement and sponsorship opportunities. Furthermore, these sponsorship opportunities must have helped Angus dramatically increase his net worth.

Similarly, an AC/DC fan paid $28,000 for a guitar lesson from Young in October 2020, according to MusicRadar. This, of course, demonstrates the massive fan base he has amassed all across the world.

With almost two decades of musical experience and scores of records under his belt, Angus Young’s net worth of $140 million appears fair. Furthermore, he is still pursuing his musical profession, therefore his money may rise in the future.

Assets And Lifestyle

As previously stated, Angus Young’s net worth is believed to be $140 million. With such a large net worth, it’s not surprising that he enjoys a privileged and expensive lifestyle. Similarly, he may pay a substantial amount in taxes. He and his wife Ellen Young live in the Kangaroo Point neighborhood of Sydney.

For over a decade, Angus Young and his wife, Ellen Young, married. social media picture source

Angus and his wife also created a three-story mansion in Aalten, Netherlands, in 2007. It’s also where his wife grew up. The home had cost Angus millions of dollars. He also has a house in the United Kingdom.

Because his brother Malcolm’s mansion is reported to be worth $30 million, Angus’ house must be worth the same.

Furthermore, with such a large income, Angus must have a sizable collection of high-end automobiles. And those autos must be covered by a suitable insurance coverage.

On the other hand, Angus Young must be doing very well for himself.

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