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Ángela Aguilar Net Worth – Besides Music, What Are Her Other Earning Sources?

Ángela Aguilar Net Worth – Besides Music, What Are Her Other Earning Sources?

ngela Aguilar is the youngest child of Pepe Aguilar and his long-time wife, Aneliz lvarez-Alcalá, a Mexican-American singer-songwriter. Besides being the daughter of a great musician, ngela has achieved success as a Mexican-American performer on her own. She has achieved international acclaim as a result of her lovely singing ability. ngela Aguilar’s musical career has earned her a sizable chunk of money in addition to her celebrity.

Pepe Aguilar has a net worth of more than $13 million, which he has amassed through his musical career and various commercial enterprises. But what is the current net worth of his young daughter, ngela Aguilar? Let’s see what we can find out.

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ngela Aguilar’s Salary And Net Worth

ngela Aguilar, the Aguilar Dynasty’s youngest offspring, followed in the footsteps of her father and grandparents, Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, in the music profession. ngela began performing on musical tours with her father and brother, Leonardo Aguilar, at an early age, having been born into a family of great musicians. When she was nine years old, she and her brother recorded their first CD, ‘Nueva Tradición.’ Since then, Aguilar has performed at a number of music festivals and performances, as well as releasing a few of albums.

Another member of the Aguilar family who rules the Latin music industry is ngela Aguilar. Instagram account of ngela Aguilar.

ngela Aguilar, a young Mexican singer, is currently believed to have a net worth of well over $1 million. Find out how she was able to add such a large sum to her fortune in this article.

Her Music Career’s Earnings

At the age of 17, ngela Aguilar has already established herself as a well-known Mexican-American singer. She has performed at a number of music festivals and award ceremonies as a singer. Aguilar has also recorded a few albums, including Primero Soy Mexicana, Baila Esta Cumbia, and Nueva Tradicion, her first album. The pricing of ngela Aguilar’s albums on audio CD are listed below.

Nueva Tradicion Album Price

Album Price
Nueva Tradicion $25.99
Baila Esta Cumbia $24.99
Primero Soy Mexicana $29.99

ngela Aguilar also earns thousands of dollars by playing in music festivals and touring with her brother and father throughout Latin America and other countries. According to Business Insider, a well-known musician makes more money through musical tours than from album sales or streaming. ngela is surely adding a sizable sum to her bank account as a result of her musical tours.

Income from YouTube

ngela Aguilar has her own own YouTube channel, which now has over 2.60 million subscribers. Aguilar started her YouTube account in 2018, and her videos have received approximately 500 million views in just three years. As a result, Aguilar is also generating a lot of money through YouTube.

According to Social Blade, ngela Aguilar’s YouTube channel earns between $8.2K and $131.4K each month, with yearly earnings ranging from $98.6K to $1.6M. The young singer appears to have already made a million dollars from her YouTube channel. As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that she is already a millionaire.

ngela Aguilar is also available on Spotify, where she has a monthly listenership of over 5 million. As a result, she may be able to supplement her growing net worth by receiving money through Spotify and other streaming services.

Income from Aguilar’s Online Store

ngela Aguilar, like many other well-known musicians, makes money by selling products and running her own side business. She has her own official store where fans can get the latest accessories, clothing, music CDs, and other items. The following are some of the things offered on ngela Aguilar’s online store, along with their prices.

Items Price
Angela and Pepe Aguilar “Your Blood On My Body” Hoodie $45.00
Christmas with Angela Aguilar- Special Edition CD $10.00
Doll | Ángela Aguilar – The Princess of Mexican Music $35.00
Angela Aguilar “Songs” black tote bag $5.00
Angela Aguilar – Songs White Shirt $25.00
“Primero Soy Mexicanx” Black T-Shirt $30.00
Angela Aguilar – Pink Beret White T-Shirt $25.00

ngela Aguilar earns numerous dollars through her musical career and other enterprises in this way. ngela Aguilar’s net worth is providing her with all of the comforts she deserves as a result of her hard work. With multiple overseas travels, fashionable clothes, and other luxuries, Aguilar appears to be living her best life. Despite the fact that she presently lives with her multimillionaire father, it appears that she will soon be able to purchase a lavish estate on her own.

ngela Aguilar is still just in her late teens, yet she is excelling in her job. As a result, she has plenty of time to improve her skills and make money in the industry. We wish her the best of luck in the days ahead.


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