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Andrew Schulz proposed to his girlfriend accidentally.

Andrew Schulz proposed to his girlfriend accidentally.

Andrew Schulz is a confident, funny, and charming stand-up comedian. Even this confident guy experienced jelly knees while proposing. When it came to one of his most significant moments, the comic felt tongue-tied.

Schulz proposed to his girlfriend nervously.

Schulz also hosts podcasts. In Flagrant 2, he discussed his fiancee Emma. He told other hosts how he proposed in her favorite restaurant.

The frightened comedian memorized his proposal lines on his phone. He was sure he’d botch it.

He got on one knee to propose.

As his nerves kicked in, he asked Emma, “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

Everything works out.

Yes, Emma!

He shares Emma’s photos occasionally.

New York podcaster’s fiancée often appears in his social media posts. Schulz’s Instagram account shows the couple’s travels.

He’s also shared a shot of them portraying Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton for Halloween.

In another snap, the comedian promotes his stuff with Emma and a dog model. He joked about his fiance’s bossiness as she told the dog to sit.

Comedian wants child

Schulz has often said he wants to be a father.

As a comic, he asks if anyone is ready to have his baby.

Can comedians be taken seriously? Perhaps. If he had baby fever, it’s gone now that he’s engaged.

Emma’s a Pilates expert.

The comedian’s fiancée is a mystery to the public.

Emma’s social media accounts are private, so only her mother may access them. Kristin discussed her daughter with Yoga Poses Asana. Emma, her youngest, has BASI Pilates certification but isn’t instructing. Three generations of Pilates practitioners were highlighted in ‘A Family Affair’ in Pilates Style.

Emma is getting her MBA at NYU Stern School of Business, according to LinkedIn