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Ana Navarro and her husband, Al Cardenas, have a huge age difference.

Ana Navarro and her husband, Al Cardenas, have a huge age difference.

“A good relationship can work no matter what the scenario is,” American singer Katherine Jenkins famously stated regarding love and the age divide, and Ana Navarro has proven it.

Navarro has been enjoying her married life with Cardenas despite their age gap – she is 49 years old and her husband is 73.

And the one thing she regretted about her relationship was that she and her partner didn’t marry sooner.

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In 2019, Ana Navarro and her husband married.

On their second wedding anniversary, March 2, 2021, she released a wedding photo and information about her married life on Instagram.

Her only regret was that they “didn’t get started sooner,” she said, adding that her love had passed the pandemic test with flying colors.

The CNN political expert also stated that she never imagined she would be able to spend a year with the same person and still like it.

She also made it a point to look after her husband, who had gotten COVID-19 from one of their house workers at the time. Navarro told ABC News that her husband had to be brought to the hospital for five days after becoming infected with the virus.

When her spouse became ill, Navarro switched to a work-from-home strategy to avoid putting anyone else at the studio in danger.

On March 2, 2019, Navarro and Cardenas married at Indian Creek Country Club, a waterfront setting in Miami Beach. The bride wore a white wedding gown by Luis Escudero for Rene Ruiz Collection, while her groom wore a black tuxedo.

“He treats me as if I were a princess, with so much love and respect… Everything about him appeals to me “After the wedding, she told People en Espaol.

The couple got engaged in October of 2018. On October 11, 2018, Cardenas proposed with a square halo diamond, and Navarro shared the happy news on Instagram.

She began by stating that she had personal news to offer before flashing her engagement ring to Nicaraguans. She also mentioned that a wedding was on the way.

She now enjoys spending time with her husband, going on recreational treks, and attending other events.

Despite the fact that the couple does not yet have children, they do have a cute dog named ChaCha. Navarro has even started a separate Instagram account to document the lives of her dog.

Ana Navarro and her husband both work in the same field.

Navarro, a Republican Party supporter, is a seasoned political analyst and strategist. Navarro has appeared on a number of television shows and news outlets, including CNN, to discuss her political views.

Her spouse, Al Cardenas, is also involved in politics.

He has advised US presidents and is a well-known figure in the legal and commercial worlds.

He is a member of the International Republican Institute and a senior partner with Cardenas Partner’s Advocacy Group.

Prior to Cardenas, Navarro had a brief connection with Gene Prescott, the owner of Seaway Hotels Corporation.