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Ana Mara Polo’s Previously Married Life and Lesbian Partnership

Ana Mara Polo’s Previously Married Life and Lesbian Partnership

Ana Mara Polo, a prominent Cuban-American TV personality, is known as the Hispanic counterpart of Judge Judy. She is the arbitrator on her famous long-running show Caso Cerrado, where she helps individuals settle their problems by bringing them on the show.

While she is an expert at revealing other people’s lives, she has kept her own private. Her formerly married life, as well as a gay partnership, have both made headlines.

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I Was Married To An Ex-Boyfriend For A Decade

Polo went to Miami from Puerto Rico when he was 18 years old. She met a man ten years his senior in the city. The couple’s age difference didn’t bother them, and they began dating.

The television star even married her lover as a way to get away from her reliance on her parents. The joy of her married life was soon multiplied when she became pregnant with a new child. However, she miscarried when she was four months pregnant.

The death of her child took a toll on the couple’s relationship. As a result, they divorced and split up. Polo then concentrated on her profession and enrolled in law school.

Ex-Girlfriend and I Got Into a $2 Million Lawsuit

Polo began dating Marlene Key, the executive producer of her show, while she was in her mid-twenties. The couple kept their romance under wraps, revealing little about their relationship other than what they shared on social media.

They ended their relationship in a similar fashion after dating for nearly two decades. However, their connection gained national notice after Key filed a $2 million lawsuit in a Miami court for the rights to the name of her program, Caso Cerrado.

After a two-year breakup, Key filed a legal request for a fair division of their firm, The Key To Polo Enterprises, as well as the right to use the name of the popular show.

In 2018, while speaking with the TVyNovelas about the matter, Key revealed her affections for Polo.

She claimed that she had been with the television host for more than 25 years and that her feelings for her had not changed. She insisted that she still loved Polo, but that she had no choice but to follow the legal route because Polo was “uncompromising.”

Even after spending decades as a family, the television producer regretted that they were unable to rekindle their friendship and connection.

Tammy Bruce of Fox News, who is openly gay/lesbian, reveals a former girlfriend.

While Key was outspoken about her case, Polo remained silent, just like she has been about her sexuality. The legal expert has never stated whether or if she is a lesbian or spoken about her gay connection.

Having said that, she has long been a supporter of the LGBTQ community. In 2015, she even marched in the homosexual parade.

Time Spent with Granddaughter

Polo is a single mother. However, there is a lot of uncertainty about her motherhood. Peter Key, her son, is named after her ex-girlfriend Marlene Key.

Though it’s likely that his ex-partners adopted him, there’s no way of knowing for sure. Polo, on the other hand, used to be quite close to Peter’s daughter. Peter and Christina Key have a daughter and a son from their marriage.

Polo posted a photo of her granddaughter on Instagram just in time. She hasn’t done so in recent times for unknown reasons. Polo’s most recent photo with her grandson was taken in December of this year. They had shared a Christmas meal together.

Sources for Increasing Net Worth

Dr. Ana Mara Polo has made significant progress in her profession.

She was born in Havana, Cuba, on April 11, 1959, to Joaquin and Delia Polo. She earned a political science degree from Florida International University. In 1987, she earned a Ph.D. in law from the University of Miami.

Emmanuel Perez & Associates, P.A., a law company in Coral Gables, Florida, employed the 62-year-old. After gaining experience in the legal area, she launched Case Cerrado, a Spanish-language court show, in 2001.

The show, which aired on Telemundo, was an instant success. It was the first Spanish-language network program to be nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2010. In April 2021, the program will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The television host also wrote a book called ‘Dear Dr. Polo: The Secret Letters of Cased Closed,’ based on the letters she received for the show.

Polo’s net worth is expected to exceed six figures due to his considerable experience in the legal area. However, the lawyer has yet to reveal her true net worth.