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Amy Slaton was motivated to reduce weight by her desire to start a family with her husband.

Amy Slaton was motivated to reduce weight by her desire to start a family with her husband.

Do you recall Amy and Tammy Slaton, the Slaton Sisters? 1000-Lb Sisters is a popular TLC show that follows the weight loss journey of the Slaton Sisters, who weighed 406 and 605 pounds, respectively.

The sisters’ combined weight was 1000 pounds, which explains the show’s title! Amy Slaton (33) is currently enjoying parenthood with her 5-month-old son Gage and intends to have additional children after her miraculous weight loss journey.

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The Adorable High School Romance (The Adorable High School Romance (The Adorable High

Apart from the Slaton sisters, viewers of the TLC docuseries are also familiar with Amy’s adoring husband, Mike Halterman, who appears on the show frequently. Mike and Amy met in Dixon, Kentucky, during their high school years.

After dating for several years, the couple exchanged vows in March 2019. After the wedding, the high school sweethearts were ready to start their family, but Amy’s weight was a major roadblock.

Weight Loss Motivation from Amy Slaton

Amy told her doctor in one of the reality TV episodes, “I have asthma, thyroid problems, and diabetes. I want to start a family, and I believe my weight is preventing me from doing so.”

“So that’s your driving force. You’d like to start a family. You want to get pregnant, don’t you? “Dr. Procter answered.

While Michael Halterman avoids the on-screen turmoil most of the time, he is a devoted husband even behind the scenes of 1000-lb Sisters. The pair left their homes without any gifts and eloped.

Amy had a lot of difficulties finding a wedding gown that fit her size. Finally, she found a wedding gown on the internet! Amy and Michael have decided to have a traditional wedding.

Amy’s husband has always been a staunch supporter of the Slaton Sisters.

The Slaton Sisters’ weight-control issues extended beyond the screen and had a huge impact on their lives.

Tammy’s day-to-day activities were curtailed when she experienced a near-death experience. Amy and Michael gave her their full support and welcomed her into their household.

They’ve been living together under the same roof since then. To deal with their obesity, the Slaton Sisters modified their diet and exercise habits.

In the Season 2 teaser, Amy Slaton said, “Having a baby means the world to me; it’s everything I’ve always wanted.” To solve her weight problem and start a family, the 1000-pound Sisters star underwent gastric bypass surgery and shed 124 pounds. She became pregnant four months after her surgery.

Gage was born in November 2020, and the couple plans to have more children! “Yes, we want another child. We’re hoping for a little lady. Mike’s mother is without a granddaughter “Amy stated in an interview.

Michael Halterman has a separate Youtube account with less than 3K subscribers, while the Slaton Sisters have a big fan base of 150K subscribers. He mostly shares videos of himself and Amy or broadcasts Lego videos.