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Athlete Wife

Amy Askren

Facts of Amy Askren

Full Name: Amy Askren
Gender: Female
Country: USA
HusbandBen Askren
Birth PlaceThe United States of American
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Amy Askren gained notoriety as a result of her outstanding husband. For those who are interested, she is the spouse of renowned Olympic wrestler and former Bellator Welterweight Champion Ben Askren.

Former ONE Welterweight Champion Ben currently competes with Roufusports’ Evolve MMA. Ben and his wife Amy enjoy a happy life in the United States as a result of his prosperous work.

Amy Askren age
Amy Askren with their children

But he is not the subject of this article. Today, we’ll go deeper into Amy and her life as the wife of a famous person.

In addition, we are interested in learning about her family, job, and anything else that genuinely characterizes her.

So, if you guys are interested, be sure to read all the way through for further details. Let’s begin.

Amy Askren: Who is she?

Ben Askren, a former Olympic wrestler, and professional mixed martial fighter is happily married to Amy Askren, a woman with many secrets.

She has been in the spotlight constantly ever since her relationship with the famous athlete ended.

Age and physical characteristics: How old is Amy Askren?

Amy Askren is a stunning woman with a soft-spoken yet endearing appeal. Despite the fact that her exact age is unclear, we estimate Amy to be in her 30s.

Not to mention how young and vibrant she is, having already been married and having three kids.

The American-born person also has bright blue eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair.

Sadly, nobody knows for sure how thin she really is. She is, however, a bit under 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs a few pounds less than her spouse.

A brief biography of Amy Askren: Family and Education

As previously said, not much is known about Amy Askren, Ben Askren‘s wife. She was born in the United States of America, however, as far as we are aware.

Naturally, she is a citizen of the United States and is of white ancestry.

Other than them, nothing is known about her family, including the names of her parents or siblings. The same applies to her academic performance as well.

Amy Askren family
Amy Askren with her family

Ben Askren, her spouse, was born Benjamin Michael Askren, better known as “Funky,” in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The father’s son, Chuck Askren, and his mother, Michele Askren, are star athletes.

The former wrestler finished his elementary schooling at Wisconsin’s Arrowhead High School before enrolling at Missouri.

Income and Assets

Amy has not provided many details about her life, therefore it is unknown what she does for a living. As a result, we are also missing information about her earnings and salary from her employment.

Amy currently benefits from and shares her husband Ben Askren’s $10 million fortune. He earned this sum as a result of his prosperous career as a former UFC champion and Olympic wrestler.

Ben earns about $500,000 from his deals and endorsement fees in addition to his net worth. Not to mention that he has enough money from sponsorships.

But not every aspect of his contract has worked out for him or in the proper way. Ben remembers how unjust his Reebok contract was.

I only need to wear Reebok to this, the open workout, weigh-ins, the fight, and all that stuff. However, they don’t pay me enough. I was placed in the dreadful first bracket. When I signed with the UFC, I didn’t consider that.

He then continued,

“Upon reflection, I probably ought to have negotiated the Reebok payment up; I believe they are only paying me $3,500? It’s quite awful.

Ben earns an additional $50,000 if he prevails in a fight in addition to his sponsorships. Additionally, he received $350,000 after defeating Lawler in court.

As a millionaire, Ben has a collection of pricey vehicles including Rolls-Royce and Lamborghinis. His other assets, however, are not known to the general public.

The Professional Life of Ben Askren

Ben is a former mixed martial artist and professional wrestler, as we all know. Ben also participated in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in his golden year (UFC).

Similarly, Askren served as Missouri’s American amateur wrestler and assistant wrestling coach. He began as a wrestler and subsequently transitioned into MMA.

Ben has a “funky” style and is known for winning a lot of games. Throughout his junior career, he nearly went unbeaten.

Askren proceeded to rule his senior year in 2006–07 with the same attitude.

Ben also defeated other future NCAA Champions to win the championship for the second year in a row.

He also won the Schalles Award, which is presented to the most productive inner at the conclusion of each season.

Askren overcame Tyrone Lewis, the national runner-up, in the summer of 2008 to earn a spot in the Olympics. Ben finished his debut Olympic competition with a silver medal in the 74 kg division.

Askren made the decision to pursue an MMA career immediately following his Olympic experience. He has since continued to compete as a professional submission wrestler and holds a self-declared black belt in jiu-jitsu.

Personal Life – Married, Husband, and Children

The only aspect of Amy’s relationship with the former wrestler, Ben, that we are certain of at this point. She has been married to Ben for ten years, and they are currently happy together.

Yes, the lovely couple exchanged vows in front of their close friends and family in 2010.

Since then, they have remained together and have avoided any extramarital encounters that would have harmed their relationship.

Amy Askren's Family
Amy Askren’s Family

Likewise, none of them has offered any indication that a divorce is imminent. In fact, after having children, their relationship has only become closer.

The couple’s three children—two daughters and a son, the youngest—are all stunning. But similarly, even their names and current information are hidden from the public.

Amy takes care of her kids and is always there for her spouse no matter what. They also take care of their kids and offer them the love and support they require.

After her husband lost to Jorge Masvidal, Amy Askren received jeers.

Ben Askren lost badly against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 239; in fact, he was knocked out right away. But the most important aspect was that the game was over in under five seconds!

Because of this, Ben’s vicious followers made fun of him and his wife, Amy Askren, on Instagram. The crowd eventually stopped shooting at Askren and switched to the fighter’s wife.

Crude and even disgusting comments filled Askren’s Instagram account!

Not to add, it was the former fighter’s first experience with such a loss. Adding one defeat to his UFC record as a result.

Social Media Presence

Instagram–  29.3k Followers

A few FAQs

How much did Jake Paul give Ben Askren in terms of money?

Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul at Triller Fight Club had a guaranteed fight purse of $690,00 for Jake Paul.