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Amouranth is threatened by a’suggestive’ offer from a business partner.

Amouranth is threatened by a’suggestive’ offer from a business partner.

Kaitlyn Siragusa, better known by her stage name Amouranth, is a model and content developer. Amouranth is well-known for her Twitch streams, in addition to her work in front of the camera.

The 27-year-old content creator recently published a link to her TwitLonger account on Twitter. Amouranth submitted a lengthy letter on her TwitLonger page with the subject “I’m tired of this happening.”

Longer Post on the Incident by Amouranth on TwitLonger Post on the Incident by Amouranth on TwitLonger Post on the Incident by Amour

Amouranth began her blog post by stating that she is not “happy to share” the news about her professional life with her readers. She began her essay by describing how social media jobs may be exploitative.

Amouranth discussed the positive and negative features of the social media industry, as well as the challenges that the people who manage it confront, in the opening few sentences of her essay.

She told a recent personal story about an unknown individual who first offered to collaborate with the streamer as a business partner. She got along well with her new coworker, who texted Amouranth and her assistant frequently and discussed ways to improve their business.

Things took a drastic turn, however, when the aforementioned business colleague invited her out to dinner during their business discussions. The two had put in months of hard work before to the tragedy.

The unnamed partner told Amouranth that he “would be in my city” and wanted to see her “for dinner” in a personal capacity in this surprising proposition. She conveyed her dissatisfaction with the situation and discussed the challenge it presented to her.

She has also shown reluctance to meet up with individuals in public during the post-pandemic period. Amouranth also refused to meet the man she only knew through business and initially turned down his invitation.

However, according to her, the two’s business conversations went on as usual.

Amouranth wrote in her text about noticing a change in her business colleague’s tone, which became confrontational “immediately” after she declined his offer. The individual even threatened to terminate Amouranth’s ongoing contract.

Analysis of the Incident by Amouranth

The model noticed that the dinner invitation made perfect sense to her, but that this business client’s unassumed angry attitude gave her signals of misogyny.

When she declined his invitation, Amouranth claimed his unnamed business colleague failed to “brush it off” and “didn’t let it go.” In exchange, the Twitch personality was labeled “unprofessional,” and a business threat was issued.

Amouranth reflected on her past experiences, revealing that she has “been in a lot of situations.” She also expressed concern about the safety of other female entrepreneurs who “are constantly confronted with these scenarios.”

She expressed her aim to promote awareness so that women, especially influencers, models, and entrepreneurs, are not victims of sexism in the workplace or elsewhere in society.