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Amiri King’s new girlfriend replaces Sara Ruminski.

Amiri King’s new girlfriend replaces Sara Ruminski.

Amiri King is active online. Since splitting with Sara Ruminski, he’s been on an Instagram dating binge. He’s dating Brittany Smith.

Read on to discover about Amiri King and Sara’s relationship and breakup.

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Ruminski and King’s History

The parody artist’s relationships are public on social media. He posts photos of the women he’s dating. It’s unclear if he’s married.

King posted about his friendship with Ruminski on social media. On Twitter, he wrote, “I’d be crazy to let you go. Don’t worry. Sara’s promotion.”

In January 2018, the YouTuber’s tweet prompted rumors he was engaged since he addressed Sara as ‘Mrs. King’

Many reports said Ruminski was his wife after the post. No proof exists.

The comedian’s last photo of his ex-fiancee was of her getting convicted of heroin possession.

King has posted photos of himself with other ladies since their split. He’s been dating Britanny Smith since December.

His new girlfriend

On December 15, 2020, King posted about Brittany Smith. The post indicated Smith was Brazilian and they’d been dating for a while, closing with “so far, so good.”

He introduced her as his girlfriend while celebrating his daughter Tilly’s birthday.

His girlfriend isn’t as social as King. Instagram is largely selfies.

According to one of King’s Instagram photos, she takes her companion on dates. The YouTuber said it was the first time a woman paid him for dinner.

It was hard to know which of King’s many relationships would last. We think so based on how quickly he defends Smith on social media and how well their humor matches.