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Ami Brown Wiki: Health Update At 54 Years Old | From Near Death To Cancer-Free

Ami Brown Wiki: Health Update At 54 Years Old | From Near Death To Cancer-Free

Ami Brown, a reality star, stood firm in the face of cancer, which had blown out her candle, and found a new light of hope to go through her life with a grin.

Ami Brown is most known for being the mother of the Bush Family from Alaskan Bush People, an American reality television show. The Brown family, who live in the Copper River Valley distant from civilization, is introduced in this reality-documentary series.

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Ami Brown’s Personal Information: Age, Husband Billy Bryan, and Family

Amora Branson Brown is a Texas native who was born on August 28, 1963. She married her husband, Billy Bryan Brown, at the age of 15 in 1979, after being separated from her family for nearly forty years.

Ami and Billy have a large family since she is the mother of seven children. Matt Brown, her eldest son, took up the family business when he was very young and began fishing and hunting.

Rain Snowbird, Ami’s older daughter, is a free-spirited young lady who, like her five older brothers, Matt, Joshua, Bear, Gabe, and Noah, enjoys climbing and hunting.

The family refers to themselves as a ‘wolf pack,’ and they speak with a distinct accent. Ami is the family’s mother, and she knows how to take care of all of the veggies, herbs, and flowers she raises.

Ami Brown’s Exceptional Wealth

It may seem strange for somebody living in the wilderness to amass such wealth, yet Ami and her family have a net worth in the millions.

Some viewers were disappointed to learn that the people they thought were having difficulties in their day-to-day lives didn’t experience nearly as much trouble off-screen.

According to sources, Ami’s family has enough money to buy 40 acres of land in Colorado. Their current property is 500 acres in Washington state, seven miles from the nearest road.

Ami Brown’s Cancer Discovery: Getting to the Bottom of It

Ami received the worst news of her life when she was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017. She had cervical radiculitis, a type of arthritis in her neck, so she didn’t pay attention to the severe back pain she was experiencing.

It was evident after the doctor’s scan that it was stage 3 lung cancer. Her disease hindered her ability to do the activities she loved on a daily basis.

When Ami’s family learned of her diagnosis, they moved to Southern California right away since she needed to undergo 12 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy.

The family had one difficult thing in common: they had to witness Ami’s suffering. She weighed barely 77 pounds at one point, and her chances of life were only three percent.

Billy remarked while speaking to the People about his Ami’s battle,

But, even in the face of near-death, Ami never gave up hope, and just like every other day, when the family went to the doctor for treatment, Ami was declared cancer-free for the time being.

When the family received the news, they were taken aback, most likely because Ami’s health had been fast worsening and she had been given a slim chance of recovery.

Ami Brown Exudes Confidence in Her Health

Ami has spoken out about her hopeful feelings and faith in God following the revelation of her remission.

She was never willing to give up, even when presented with a slim chance of survival, and she had the determination to fight it.

During an interview with People about her remission and battle with cancer, Ami admitted,

The fact that Ami fought stage 3 cancer didn’t sit well with many people, and she was accused of staging her illness for the show.

However, Ami and her family are unconcerned about the reports because they have firsthand experience with the terror and have been given the opportunity to remember and strengthen their friendship.

Ami was able to keep her sanity and fight through her illness without hesitation because of her family’s unwavering support.

Ami will have to live with cancer for the rest of her life because it could come back at any time. Despite her frailty, she has remained an optimist and is already preparing to appear in the eighth season of Alaskan Bush People.