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Amanda Cerny’s Boyfriend Johannes Bartl, Dating Since ’17, Any Plans For Wedding?

Amanda Cerny’s Boyfriend Johannes Bartl, Dating Since ’17, Any Plans For Wedding?

Amanda Cerny is a well-known American actress, model, and social media celebrity who catapulted to prominence thanks to the now-defunct social media app Vine. Cerny, who was born in Pennsylvania and reared in Connecticut, has over 35 million Instagram and YouTube followers. Amanda Cerny, a multi-talented television personality, is also a director. She has worked as a director and actress in advertisements for Fortune 500 companies, music videos, traditional films, and television shows.

With Amanda Cerny’s expanding celebrity, millions of her followers around the world are usually wondering about her dating life. She is currently involved in a love relationship with Johannes Bartl, a fellow social media celebrity.

So, here’s a peek at Amanda Cerny’s boyfriend, Johannes Bartl, who she’s been dating since 2017.

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Since 2017, Cerny has been dating Bartl.

Amanda Cerny and Johannes Bartl, two well-known internet celebrities, apparently began dating in 2017. Despite the fact that they had previously been together in numerous events and YouTube videos, their relationship became public only after the summer of 2017. After they started collaborating on YouTube vlogs, their private connection became public. Furthermore, the love couple confirmed their relationship to their admirers by attending the 2017 Streamy Awards together.

Amanda Cerny and Johannes Bartl have been sharing personal photos on their social media accounts since they started dating. They also make videos with one another on a regular basis and upload them on their YouTube pages.

Amanda just posted a photo on her Instagram page of her attractive boyfriend and their puppy, Falco, referring to them as her family. Johannes, meanwhile, does not hold back in displaying his fiancée and his devotion for her on his social media accounts. In January 2021, he posted a photo on Instagram with Amanda and their dog, Falco, after Amanda surprised him with a Tesla Y for Christmas. He also made sure to tell his partner how much he cares for her.

Looking at Amanda’s social media profiles, it appears that she and her boyfriend, Johannes Bartl, are currently in a live-in relationship. They haven’t yet tied the knot. However, given their connection and growing affection for one another, Johannes Bartl will soon be known as Amanda Cerny’s husband, not her boyfriend.

Amanda Cerny’s beau is a personal trainer.

As previously stated, Amanda Cerny’s boyfriend, Johannes Bartl, is a social media celebrity. His Instagram page has over 1.5 million followers, while his YouTube channel has over 420K subscribers. Bartl is both a personal trainer and a fitness model from Austria. He is a certified CrossFit trainer, TRX trainer, CrossCore Master Instructor, and many other things.

In 2014, Bartl moved to the United States from Austria, and in 2020, he became a permanent resident.

Johannes Bartl has been a personal trainer for over 12 years and has over 20 years of fitness experience, according to his official website. At the age of 12, 33-year-old athlete Bartl began his fitness adventure by completing calisthenics such as sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups. He also kept himself fit by participating in soccer, swimming, and volleyball teams.

Johannes Bartl’s website, Body By Bartl, promises to provide viewers with the information and guidance they need to grow muscle mass, decrease weight, and achieve their ideal body. On his Instagram sites, Twitter, and YouTube channel, you can see his fitness suggestions as well as some photos from his daily life.

Cerny’s Relationships in the Past

Amanda Cerny dated a number of celebrities before settling down with Johannes Bartl for a long time. There were reports that she was dating Justin Bieber, a Canadian artist, in mid-2016. According to reports, speculations of Amanda Cerny dating Justin Bieber gained traction after Cerny posted a video of the two hanging out in the Doheny Room on Instagram. To far, however, there is no evidence that these two have responded to the rumors about their romance.

Furthermore, Amanda Cerny dated American actor and stand-up comedian Dane Cook from 2011 until 2014, according to sources. They were one of the most popular power couples at the time, despite their 19-year age gap.

Dane Cook and Amanda Cerny dated from 2011 to 2014. Dane Cook’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

However, the former couple was unable to maintain their connection for a long time and eventually divorced.

Cerny, an adult model, was romantically associated with Logan Paul, a fellow YouTuber, in 2016.

Nonetheless, she is content with her present boyfriend, Johannes Bartl, and is likely to marry and start a family with him in the near future. We hope the couple’s love and affection for one another grows over time, and that they become one of Hollywood’s most enduring couples.

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