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All the Information We Have about Paul Bissonnette’s Girlfriend

All the Information We Have about Paul Bissonnette’s Girlfriend

Paul Bissonnette is said to have been with his girlfriend for a very long period, although he keeps his personal life very private.

However, the former professional ice hockey player has posted a few pictures of himself with his stunning girlfriend on Instagram, suggesting the pair has a very unique connection.

For instance, he shared a collection of stunning pictures of the couple captured by photographer Ali Boundy in a post he dedicated to her on Valentine’s Day this year.

The two were seated next to each other on the ground with their beloved dog nearby in the first picture of the sequence when Bissonnette wrapped his arms over her shoulders from behind.

But who is his girlfriend in reality? What is her name, also? Scroll through as we provide information about his girlfriend, talk about whether or not they are married, and explore some fun facts about their relationship.

According to reports, Paul Bissonnette’s girlfriend is named Kendal Abigail.

Kendal Abigail is Bissonnette’s girlfriend, according to several accounts. She goes by the name Kendal Joseph and is from Akron, Ohio. She does not participate in the glamour world and is not active on social media, therefore little is known about her.

She joined Twitter in February 2015 but hasn’t used it much recently. Her old posts there, though, reveal that she was formerly a model cocktail waiter in Las Vegas.

Abigail stated to Las Vegas magazine in June 2016, “I arrived [to Las Vegas] around my 21st birthday and I was like ‘Wow’.” “The beauty of everything and how much joy everyone was having had me completely enthralled. I just knew I wanted to be here at that precise moment.”

She reportedly relocated to Las Vegas in 2009 and later worked as a model cocktail server at Omnia at Caesars Palace, one of the city’s most popular nightclubs, at that time.

However, because of her secretive lifestyle, the public is still unaware of her present occupation and whereabouts.

Are Kendal Abigail and Paul Bissonnette married?

Well, neither of them nor any credible source has confirmed that they were ever married to one another or that they are currently a husband and wife. In fact, Bissonnette once shared a photo of them on April 1, 2020, suggesting that they were still dating and hadn’t been hitched.

He referred to himself as the “lover of the year” in the post and included two pictures of himself and his travel companion from Miami Beach, Florida.

In order to write a note, Kendal Abigail assisted Paul Bissonnette.

Bissonnette praised his girlfriend on Twitter in February 2020 for helping him compose lengthy notes. He is currently the color analyst for the Arizona Coyotes radio broadcast and the host of the hockey podcast Spittin’ Chiclets on the Barstool Sports network.

The resident of Ontario thanked his wonderful girlfriend for helping him type up this longer message by writing, “Thank you to my wonderful girlfriend who helped me.”

In his tweet, he admitted that in order to properly thank his friend Jeff Jacobson and sports editor Jamie Ross, both of whom came to him for a special interview, he had to send a lengthy reply.