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All Of Justin Theroux’s Tattoos And Their Meanings

All Of Justin Theroux’s Tattoos And Their Meanings

Justin Theroux has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most successful performers and directors. After starring in the films Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire with director David Lynch, he became famous. Theroux is also known for his roles in American Psycho, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Wanderlust, and other films.

Justin Theroux is well-known for having several fascinating tattoos on his body, in addition to his contributions to the Hollywood industry. His body is covered in fourteen tattoos. Let’s take a look at Justin Theroux’s tattoos and what they symbolize.

The Huge Back Tattoo on Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux, an actor and filmmaker, has a large pigeon and rat tattoo that spans his entire back. Fans first discovered his tattoo on an episode of HBO’s mystery thriller The Leftovers, and they came up with a few possibilities. An audience member requested Theroux to explain the reason behind his enormous back tattoo at a panel at New York’s Vulture Festival in August 2018. At that point, he revealed to the audience the true significance of his back tattoo.

According to Theroux, he had two pit bulls, both rescued, and when one died, he dedicated half of his back to it and the other half to the other. Because one of his dogs used to kill rats in Washington Square Park, there is a picture of a rat on the wall. Then, in honor of his other dog, pigeon. This is an unusual method to remember and appreciate one’s pets, but Justin Theroux appears to enjoy it.

An Animated Character is depicted in this illustration.

A portrait of an animated character, POCAHONTAS, may be found on the left side of the Maniac star’s torso, along with its name inscribed below.

Pocahontas was a Native American woman with the name Amonute. Powhatan, the mighty ruler, had a favorite kid, and she was her. She was famous for promoting peace among many local tribes and died at the young age of 22. The story of her life has spawned a slew of animated and innovative films.

Honey Bee Tattoo With Scissors

You may have noticed a blue-black tattoo of scissors on the inside of Justin Theroux’s right wrist in most of his images. Also, on the inside side of his right bicep, Theroux has a tattoo of a little honey bee.

A person with a scissors tattoo is portrayed as a designer or hairstylist, for example. In Theroux’s case, though, it’s been suggested that he inked it just because he liked it. Justin Theroux’s tattoo of a honeybee demonstrates his passion for insects.

‘Tattoo of a Grim Reaper With A Scythe

An depiction of a grim reaper clutching a scythe is tattooed on Justin Theroux’s left calf. A banner reading ‘Best of Luck’ is also present.

Justin frequently states that the grim reaper tattoo was tattooed in honor of all of his loved ones who had died. The Grim Reaper, revealed as wearing a dark hooded cloak and holding a scythe, depicts the concept that death is symbolized by the Grim Reaper, who wears a dark hooded cloak and carries a scythe.

‘Pig-pen’ Tattoo of a Cartoon Character

Justin has a tattoo of Pocahontas, the animated figure, on his body, as previously revealed. ‘Pig-Pen,’ a cartoon figure from Charles M. Schulz’s comic strip Peanuts, is also tattooed on him. Pig-Pen is well-known for his peculiar habit of remaining filthy and engrossing himself in a cloud of dust and insects.

Justin first showed off his Pig-Pen tattoo on Instagram on January 11, 2016. Several cartoon characters appear to be favorites of Theroux.

Swallows Tattoo

On the upper side of both of his foot, Justin Theroux has swallow tattoos.

The swallow is a symbol of love, loyalty, and respect for one’s family and loved ones. Swallow tattoos are also used to symbolise long life journeys. For identical reasons, Theroux may have gotten the Swallow tattoo on his feet.

Tattoos of the letter ‘X’

The skilled actor reportedly inscribed a small letter ‘x’ on his left ankle himself, according to People. At the age of fourteen, Theroux inscribed it on his arm as a mark of his punk rock fandom.

Participation in the Straight Edge, a hardcore punk subculture, was once denoted by the letter X. Straight Edge adherents abstained from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other illegal substances.

Right Leg Portrait

An depiction of a man’s face smoking a cigar has been tattooed on the top portion of Justin Theroux’s right calf. His admirers believe the man is a reincarnated version of himself. Justin, on the other hand, has kept his tattoo a secret.

On his 45th birthday, Justin Theroux got an unusual tattoo. Justin Theroux/Instagram

A tattoo of a Latin cross with an extra bar on top is also on Justin Theroux’s front shin of his right leg. The first crossbar, according to many traditions, represents death, while the second bar represents Jesus Christ’s resurrection after his death. The tattoo of a cross on Justin Theroux’s arm symbolizes his deep Christian faith.

A Logo As Well As A Quote

A couple of lines have been tattooed on the attractive and pleasant actor. A phrase with four black bars adorns his right knee.

Similarly, Justin Theroux’s tattoo has four black bars on one side that resemble the Punk Band logo, which is a Black Flag.

In addition, a quotation inscribed on the front of the director’s right angle reads, “Odi et Amo.” It comes from the Roman poet Catullus’ poem Catullus 85 and means “I despise and I love.”

On his 45th birthday, Justin Aniston, Jennifer’s ex-husband, got himself a cryptic new tattoo. He flaunted his strange new tattoo, which read “Never Again Again” with all letters capitalized, on his Instagram page. Lee Ann Womack’s country song, “Never Again, Again,” is similarly named after this phrase.

On the right foot, a tattoo on the index finger

Finally, a dark black band has been tattooed around Justin Theroux’s index finger. Theroux has been tight-lipped about the true purpose behind the tattoo. Ring tattoos on the index finger, on the other hand, are thought to represent life’s uniformity and symmetry.

These are the tattoos that actor Justin Theroux now has on his body. Who’s to say he doesn’t have other tattoos that aren’t visible to the naked eye? If he does, we expect to get a look at it in the following days and figure out what it means.

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