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Alisyn Camerota’s Husband Tim Lewis Is A Private Equity Firm’s Partner

Alisyn Camerota’s Husband Tim Lewis Is A Private Equity Firm’s Partner

Tim Lewis has been married to Alisyn Camerota, one of the most well-known American journalists, for a long time. He married CNN anchor Alisyn in 2002 and has been happily married to her ever since. Lewis is a partner in an independent equity firm in Greenwich, Connecticut, and he and his beloved wife, Alisyn, have three children.

Let’s take a closer look at Alisyn Camerota’s husband, Tim Lewis.

Husband of Alisyn Camerota, Partner at Southfield Capital

Tim Lewis, Alisyn Camerota’s husband, has worked as a private equity investor, management consultant, and operations leader for over two decades. He is currently an associate with Southfield Capital, a private equity firm in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The firm focuses on businesses that provide business services and invests in growth-oriented lower middle-market companies. According to his Linkedin profile, he joined the company in April 2014 and has remained a partner ever since.

Tim was a partner at another private equity firm, Atlantic Street Capital, from 2009 to 2013, before joining Southfield. He was also a partner with CRG Partners, a middle market consulting business, from September 2003 to April 2009.

Lewis also worked for RHC Spacemaster, a retail shop fixture manufacturer, from 1999 to 2003 as Director of Operations. Tim also works for The Keystone Group as a Principal.

Given his positions at major corporations, Tim Lewis’ net worth is likely to be substantial.

Tim Lewis earned his MBA in Marketing from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Similarly, he graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Since 2002, he has been happily married to Alisyn Camerota.

Alisyn Camerota, a native of Shrewsbury, New Jersey, married Tim Lewis in 2002. Unfortunately, the public does not have access to the specifics of how the couple met and what drove them to fall in love. But, according to Camerota’s piece, it was her friend Maria Villalobos who helped her prepare for a healthy romantic relationship.

She had a run of partners and lengthy relationships that she hoped would lead to marriage, as Camerota stated. Marriage and family, on the other hand, appeared like a foreign continent to which she had no guidebook.

Maria, on the other hand, saw her problems right away and took her under her wing. Alisyn’s eyes and heart were opened to the possibility of a long-term relationship because to her.

In addition, Alisyn Camerota stated in her post that she is still unsure if her friend Maria cast a spell on her. However, the man Maria described is the same man with whom she has been happily married for over a decade.

Without a doubt, Alisyn and her husband, Tim Lewis, owe a debt of gratitude to Maria, who played a crucial part in cementing their marriage.

Tim Looks Forward to a More Regular Routine With Alisyn

Tim Lewis, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota’s spouse, recently welcomed a major change in his wife’s life. Alisyn, his talented life partner, recently announced her departure from New Day as a co-host. After co-hosting the morning show for more than six years, she shifted to weekday afternoons with Victor Blackwell. As a result, Mr. Lewis is pleased that he will be able to spend the morning hours with his beloved.

Tim Lewis made an unexpected visit on New Day on his wife’s final day, stepping up from their house to discuss his and his wife’s new schedule. He expressed his desire to return to a more normal schedule with his wife. They might go out to eat or watch Netflix, according to Lewis. We hope they are spending their late-night and early-morning hours together as planned.

Alisyn Camerota’s Father Has Three Children

Tim Lewis and his gorgeous wife, Alisyn Camerota, are the proud parents of three children. Francesca Lewis and Alessandra Lewis, fraternal twins born in 2005, are the couple’s two kids. Tim and Alisyn, on the other hand, have a son, Nathaniel Lewis, whom they welcomed in 2007.

Alisyn Camerota and her husband, Tim Lewis, had a difficult time getting pregnant at first. Camerota said she and Tim struggled for three years to conceive a child during an interview on the TODAY show. She also penned a piece for SELF Magazine in 2010 on their efforts to conceive.

Tim Lewis and his wife Alisyn Camerota have two girls and a boy. Image courtesy of Alisyn Camerota on Facebook.

After two miscarriages, Camerota and Lewis decided to pursue in vitro fertilization, according to Camerota.

Tim Lewis, the husband of journalist Alisyn Camerota, was incredibly supportive and wonderful throughout that tough period. Lewis addressed Alisyn, who had already decided that they would never have a kid, by claiming that they would have a family “by hook or by crook.” Camerota was relieved to learn that he was open to adopting a child.

Tim and his wife, Alisyn, finally got pregnant with their twin girls after four IVF attempts. Camerota’s pregnancy was a wonderful surprise for them because they didn’t find out she was pregnant until she was three and a half months pregnant.

Tim Lewis and his wife, Alisyn Camerota, currently reside in Connecticut with their three children. Despite his hectic schedule, Tim Lewis prioritizes his family, especially his wife and children. Alisyn must be ecstatic to have found a life partner who is both a supportive husband and a wonderful father to her children.

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