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Alison Butler Is Kirk Herbstreit’s Wife Since 1998, Were They College Sweethearts?

Alison Butler Is Kirk Herbstreit’s Wife Since 1998, Were They College Sweethearts?

Kirk Herbstreit, the ESPN College GameDay analyst, is no stranger to college football. Although the former quarterback of the Ohio State football team enjoys his work, he has received a fair amount of criticism.

The general public despises the color commentator for his football antics and his marital troubles with Alison Butler. Despite making significant contributions to the sport, the ESPN and ABC veteran has long been portrayed as an unfaithful partner.

With that said, let’s take a look at Kirk Herbstreit’s wife and her relationship with the ESPN analyst, as well as how things went awry.

In Ohio, there is love.

Kirk and Alison were both students at Ohio State University, where they met and fell in love. A quarterback for Ohio State Football and his future wife, a great cheerleader, provided the voice for EA Sport’s NCAA series.

Before marrying, the athletic couple would date for four years. As they exchanged vows in 1998, they had the classic high school movie love tale end happily for both of them, just like in the movies.

Kirk and Alison have four sons together.

There were whispers that the Ohio State Buckeyes player’s affairs were fading even throughout his nuptials. Despite the claims, the couple has four lovely children from their tumultuous relationship. Alison and Kirk Herbstreit had all of their children be boys, with two of her firstborns being identical twins.

Kirk Herbstreit’s sons are all inspired by athletics in the same way that he and his wife, Alison, are. Jake Herbstreit and Tye Herbstreit were born in 2000 to an Ohio State University cheerleader, followed by Zak Herbstreit in 2003 and Chase Herbstreit in 2006.

The Herbstreit brothers, like their father, are already interested in amateur football. They might play professionally, unlike Alison’s spouse, because Kirk Herbstreit’s boys, with the exception of the youngest born Chase, have had good numbers in the college league.

A Family Is Forcibly Removed From Ohio

Kirk received his big break while working on a radio station, where he established himself as a sports analyst through several networks, after his days as the go-to person for college football analysis at his alma institution. Despite his roots as a football player at Ohio State University, Alison’s husband had harsh words about his alma institution.

The analyst’s role is to give his or her honest assessment, but the Buckeyes supporters were not so nice. Knowing that one of their own was denouncing them on national television, they made things difficult for the Herbstreit.

Vehicles were stopping by Kirk Herbstreit’s porch and driving away the majority of the time, according to his wife. The problem became even worse when a tabloid published Kirk’s home address along with Google Maps directions.

The five-time Sports Emmy Award winner recalls his wife crying on the phone, prompting him to relocate to their new home in Tennessee.

Kirk Herbstreit’s Wife: What Does She Do?

There is relatively little information available about Alison Butler. The mother of four has kept her work and even her interests a secret. She only became well-known after her husband, Kirk, made his big break.

We know she is athletic because she was a member of the Ohio State University cheerleading squad.

Alison’s Extramarital Affairs With Her Husband

Kirk Herbstreit, as previously stated, has never been a wonderful partner, and even on his wedding day, the father of four was surrounded by affair rumors. We don’t know how it has impacted Kirk Herbstreit’s partner and their relationship, with whom he has shared a home since 1998.

Alison Herbstreit’s husband, on the other hand, has remained silent about the rumors and speculations.

The next two names, on the other hand, are closely associated with the Ohio native.

Erin Andrews is a model and actress.

Erin Andrews, a natural blonde who works for ESPN with Alison’s husband, is a fellow sportscaster. In 2007, the rumor of the coworkers having an affair became viral, capturing the public’s attention. Despite the stories emerging frequently, the sportscasters have never said anything about it.

It’s gotten to the point where the pretty sportscaster and the sports pundit can’t even chat normally in public. After leaving ESPN and the rumors in 2012, the 42-year-old headed to FOX Sports.

Wife of a Police Officer

Kirk’s fidelity was called into question once more when allegations of his affair with a police officer’s wife arose. Alison’s husband had a shabby public image to begin with, and his affair with the wife of James Dunlaw, a veteran of the Columbus Narcotics Bureau, further added to it.

There was no tangible evidence to back up the rumors, and neither the pundit nor his wife spoke to the media about it. Let’s hope the allegations aren’t true and Kirk remains loyal to his partner.

Is There a Rumored Divorce?

Despite the claims, Alison Butler and her husband Kirk Herbstreit are still married. Although suspicions of Kirk Herbstreit’s extramarital activities may have sparked whispers of his divorce from his long-term spouse, the college sweethearts have yet to confirm the news.

Despite the extramarital affair accusations, Kirk and Alison’s marriage is still going strong. Kirk Herbstreit’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

The college sweethearts are still together, but with so many allegations about Kirk’s affair circulating, we’re wondering if it’s healthy for Kirk Herbstreit’s wife and sons. Their four sons are most likely the reason they are still together.

Alison Butler and Kirk Herbstreit’s future together is uncertain, but their time together has been amazing, as the high school sweethearts turned husband and wife have given birth to four children, including twins. We can only hope for the best in the Herbstreit household, and hopefully no more rumors.

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