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Age, parents, and ethnicity of Navia Robinson revealed! Actress “Raven’s Home” Personal Information

Age, parents, and ethnicity of Navia Robinson revealed! Actress “Raven’s Home” Personal Information

After excelling in her parts as a child actress, Navia Robinson had been flying in Hollywood. Despite her growing notoriety, the celebrity maintained a grounded demeanor; she was still her parents’ adorable young daughter, content to spend time with them.

The 13-year-old played the lead role in the Netflix original series Free Reins as well as the Disney family comedy Raven’s Home. Apart from that, she has showcased her acting potential through Being Mary Jane and also served as the face of various big brands.

Sky Katz, Navia’s on-screen best friend in Raven’s Home, is also her closest friend in real life, and the two of them talk about anything that is reasonable.

Information about Navia Robinson’s parents, mother, race, and height

Navia Ziraili Robinson, a rising celebrity in her own right, was born in Marietta on May 4, 2005. She is of African American race and American nationality. She has a strong sense of cultural pride. She expressed her gratitude to Martin Luther King Jr. for restoring pride to their family through her Instagram.

She has two older siblings and is the Robinsons’ youngest child. Nova, where she attends Shallowford Falls Elementary School, is very near to her family.

Her parents, Lisa Butler Robinson and Jeffery Robinson, have supported her professional decision and assisted her in any way they could. Her mother frequently posts updates about Navia’s upcoming projects and links to her interviews through her social media.

Navis is a big woman for her age, standing at 4 feet, and 9 inches. (1.44 meters). She also participated in the 2019 Women’s March to demonstrate her support for women at such a young age.

Navia Robinson made her film debut at the age of nine.

2011’s summer turned out to be a significant one for Navia. She went to the Shine Event in Florida, a huge competition for aspiring young performers and models to prove they were the best of the best.

Navia, who was only six years old, not only made it to the competition’s finals but also took home the award for Top Child Model Overall. The victory marked the start of a remarkable voyage for Navia, who went from being a brand model to the face of major productions.

At the age of nine, her silver screen break came through a TV series Being Mary Jane which broadcast on BET TV in 2014. She made a cameo appearance in the popular TV show Vampire Diaries after the series. Additionally, Nicki Minaj personally nominated her to play the young Nicki Minaj in the Queen’s documentary about the rapper.

Her primary character in the Disney series Raven’s Home in 2017 was Nia Baxter-Carter. Navia became known as one of Hollywood’s most gifted up-and-coming performers thanks to the series. After getting an overwhelmingly positive reception for the first season, the show has been renewed for a second.

Nadia Robinson Makes an Appearance in the “Legendary” Music Video

On the occasion of the United Nations International Day of the Girl, Disney released the song Legendary as a tribute to the increasing influence of girls in today’s society. In the news release, Disney explained the song’s motivation.

The music video includes a number of young actresses from Disney productions, including Navia Robinson, Sky Katz, and many other well-known Disney personalities.

The song was also included in Raven’s Home: Remix, the most current musical episode of the series, which debuted on October 12, 2018.

Parental Love Is Visible Throughout Navia Robinson’s Instagram Pages

Novia has already accomplished great things in her work at a young age.

She maintains her grounding and continues to be her parents’ devoted daughter despite her fame. She frequently updates her Instagram with posts about her parents, whether they be casually testing out Instagram’s filters with her delighted mother or wishing her a happy birthday.

On August 14, 2018, she shared an Instagram photo with her mother to commemorate her birthday. She added that her love for her mother was unfathomable and wished that her mother would think of her as a woman who continuously taught, cared for, and loved her.

To show her mother how much she is loved, Navia Robinson wished her a good birthday in August 2018 (image via Navia Robinson’s Instagram).

The teen actress is grateful that her father is always there for her, whether it’s to make her giggle or provide a shoulder to cry on.

In a similar vein, she expresses gratitude to her mother for all the affection she has given her and acknowledges the sacrifices her mother has made to raise her the right way.

Despite her early success, Navia still has a long way to go, but it seems that with the help of her family and friends, the finish line is within reach.