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After their divorce, George Lopez’s daughter provides insight into her parents’ relationship.

After their divorce, George Lopez’s daughter provides insight into her parents’ relationship.

2011 saw the end of George Lopez’s 17-year marriage to Ann Serrano Lopez. They announced their decision to break the marriage at the time as being due to irreconcilable reasons, and they separated amicably. The pair remains close friends more than ten years after divorcing.

Mayan noted that her mum and dad were still acting like they were still married despite having split up a decade earlier in an Instagram post on April 28, 2021, honoring her father’s birthday.

In the video, Ann appeared to be quite close with the well-known comedian and sang happy birthday to him.

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George Lopez and Ann Serrano’s current relationship

Lopez has been married to his wife for a very long period. Ann, an actress and producer, wed Lopez on September 18, 1993. On April 2, 1996, they gave birth to their one and only child, a daughter named Mayan Lopez, after waiting three years.

Lopez and Ann have been together for a very long time, and they have had many ups and downs.

The fact that Ann donated one of her kidneys to Lopez in 2005 when he needed one says more about their love for one another than anything else.

The comic had kidney disease that was becoming worse, and it was getting worse over time. His kidney caused him a lot of trouble for a number of years, but Lopez claimed that his busy routine helped to dull the discomfort.

When the couple learnt of his doctor’s recommendation for an organ transplant in 2004, Ann immediately offered to donate her own. In a later interview, Ann said she underwent the procedure in April 2005 out of pure love.

Lopez further claims that despite the complexity and length of his surgery, he was more worried about Ann than himself.

Unfortunately, on June 1, 2011, their romance ended. According to a number of accounts, Lopez cheated on her with prostitutes, which led to their divorce. Despite numerous allegations, the comedian never acknowledged cheating on Ann.

Just two months after his divorce, Lopez was also seen with a woman who was thought to be his girlfriend.

Has George Lopez Got Children?

Lopez and Ann maintained their cordial relationship even after they got divorced. The couple, according to TMZ, maintained a cordial relationship for the benefit of their kid.

Mayan is an actress like her parents. She has intermittently appeared in a number of TV movies and shows throughout the years, including Jersey and Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie (2020).

In the suspense film Kill Her! Mata La!, which is now in pre-production, Mayan has also been cast as Ceila. She is not just an actress but also a TikTok creator who primarily creates humorous content. 7 million people have viewed her content, and she has over 460 000 follows.