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After The Rapper’s Death, Find Out Where Prodigy’s Wife Kiki Johnson Is Now

After The Rapper’s Death, Find Out Where Prodigy’s Wife Kiki Johnson Is Now

Albert Johnson, better known as Prodigy, was an American rapper and author. He’s also renowned as one half of the hip hop duo Mobb Deep, which he formed with Havoc. Unfortunately, on June 20, 2017, we lost the charm due to an unexplained cause. He was, however, admitted to the hospital due to problems from sickle cell anemia.

Prodigy, the music magnate, died at the age of 42, yet he had everything to be proud of. In reality, he married Kiki Johnson, his ideal girl, and had a daughter and a son who would eventually follow in his footsteps. Despite his celebrity and persona, his spouse likes to remain grounded. As a result, other from a few excerpts from his memoir, we have virtually little information on Kiki.

As a result, we’ve tried to piece together information on Prodigy’s wife, Kiki Johnson, and her whereabouts.

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Havoc, Prodigy’s partner, introduced them.

Drake’s Kiki is unknown, but Prodigy’s Kiki loved her husband, whom she met through Havoc.

Prodigy stated that he detected Kiki’s aura the instant his rap buddy, Havoc, introduced them. He went on to say that they talked for a few hours and he got to know her. Prodigy claimed that he could imagine himself in a relationship with Kiki. He went on to say that his partner had the perfect body and an uncompromising attitude, and that she was his dream girl.

Kiki was also ready for a serious relationship, according to Prodigy, because she was the mother of a three-year-old girl, Keijzonna, from her previous relationship. He, on the other hand, believed he was still a young jerk looking for hookups.

Despite this, Prodigy pursued Kiki, with whom he shared a love of music and poetry. As a result, she pushed her boyfriend to work more and provided her room. Prodigy also commented that she deserves tremendous props for never bothering him while he was in the studio for long periods of time.

Their union was kept a secret.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear when and how Prodigy and Kiki’s love tale became a marriage proposal. He, on the other hand, frequently pressed Kiki to be his wife rather than a girlfriend.

Furthermore, Prodigy claims in his book that Mary J. Blige flirted with him and questioned if he was married. He responded with a natural “Yes,” and went on to say that he and Kiki had been together for five years at the time.

In a private ceremony, Prodigy and his wife, Kiki Johnson, wedded. Prodigy’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

Prodigy also wanted to keep their relationship hidden because he believed it would be too risky for his wife to be with him. Nonetheless, in the mid-90s, the proud man escorted his girlfriend to Madison Square Garden for the second annual Source Awards.

Prodigy’s wife, Kiki Johnson, was always supportive of his career and encouraged him to work more, as previously said. As a result, one may guess that their marriage was relatively simple. Regardless, accusations of infidelity were never uncommon. I’ll get to that later.

The Johnsons had a son during their years of marriage, who occurred to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Two Children Welcoming Each Other

When it came to his marriage, Prodigy was always quiet, but when it came to his lover, he never kept a secret. As a result, he put every part of himself into his autobiography, My Infamous Life, including the birth of his son, Shaka, with his wife, Kiki.

When they found out it was a boy, Kiki was four months pregnant, according to Prodigy, Mobb Depp’s rapper. He also stated that he was ready to start a family with his dream girl, whom he had discovered to be wonderful.

After having shrimp scampi while out to dinner, Kiki went into labor in a very pregnant manner. While Prodigy was holding his partner’s hand, she was ‘crushing’ it as she exhaled and pushed in and out.

Prodigy began to glimpse his son’s head after an hour of labor and emotional struggle. He later confessed that the incident was the most bizarre and heinous thing he’d ever witnessed. Kiki’s husband also noted that when her fever dropped, nurses wrapped her in “like seven blankets around her.”

Furthermore, Prodigy stated that the two were married and praised Ms. Cookie, Kiki’s mother, for welcoming him into the family.

T’Shaka Keion-Maliq Johnson, the son of Prodigy, is now a musician. Furthermore, the delighted father tweeted about his son’s song “If I Die Tonight,” which is featured on his debut EP “Before the Storm.”

The Johnsons also have a daughter, Fahtasia Robinson aka Tasia Johnson, who is following in her father’s footsteps in the music industry. Additionally, several admirers speculated that she is Kiki’s twin.

Furthermore, Prodigy frequently posted images of her on Instagram, praising her beauty. Tasia also notes that she misses her father and recalls him on important occasions.

Adultery Accusations on Both Sides

Despite the fact that Prodigy had nothing but nice things to say about his wife, their relationship was far from flawless.

If infidelity is one of the seven deadly sins, Prodigy and Kiki were both accused of it. Unfortunately, Prodigy was moved to tears by Kiki’s betrayal of their marriage.

Similarly, Kiki, Prodigy’s wife, was wary of him and Lil Kim. He also revealed that his partner assumed Kim and him were in a relationship. As a result of her jealousy, Kiki called the ‘Quiet Storm’ remix a “wack.”

Despite the suspicions of adultery, the Johnson couple remained together and stronger. Kiki’s spouse told The Village Voice that if he didn’t leave things prepared for his wife, he’d be angry.

Furthermore, Prodigy stated that his wife, Kiki, will be Prodigy while he is away. As a result, she stayed with him while he was in prison, strengthening their decade-long marriage/relationship.

Kiki is nowhere to be discovered following Prodigy’s death, despite Prodigy’s assurance that she’ll be “Prodigy” while he’s gone. She leads a very private life, away from the media’s scrutiny and controversies.

As a result, we hope Prodigy’s wife, Kiki Johnson, is safe with her children and will one day emerge from the shadows.

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