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After she called him a “serial cheater,” “The King of Queens” star Leah Remini’s husband had nothing but praise for her.

After she called him a “serial cheater,” “The King of Queens” star Leah Remini’s husband had nothing but praise for her.

Leah Remini, star of The King of Queens, has been married to Angelo Pagan for 25 years. The couple has experienced many ups and downs in their nearly 18 years of marriage. The series of assertions she made in her 2015 book Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology is undoubtedly the most prominent of these. She claimed that Pagan, her husband, had a history of infidelity there.

Remini stated that before the Church of Scientology, which she and her husband left in 2013, assaulted her and her family, she wanted to express that and all the other things she had asserted. Prior to the Church of Scientology attacking her and her family, which she and her husband left in 2013, her husband also demonstrated his support for her words and deeds.

Remini alleged that her husband was a habitual cheater.

In Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, published in 2015, Leah Remini made a number of egregious assertions. “I am self-centered and egotistical; I have violently threatened people,” she stated. My mother was a harlot, and my husband is a habitual cheater.

Later, she gave an explanation for her statements, claiming that she did so to shield herself and her family from potential Church of Scientology retaliation. Since she and her mother and husband left the church, Remini has been outspokenly criticizing it.

She continued by saying that the church members would release statements that were taken out of context from people’s confessions.

Some people have assumed that the fact that her spouse Pagan is a serial adulterer means that he was already in another relationship when he and Remini started dating.

Husband Shows Remini Support

Pagan doesn’t appear to care about what Remini said about her spouse. Even in public, he applauded her decision and referred to her as brave, bold, and gorgeous.

He once belonged to the Church of Scientology together with Vicki Julia Marshall, Remini’s mother. Remini, who had been a member of the church since she was eight years old, was followed by the two when she made the decision to quit.

The King of Queens actress admitted that her daughter Sofia wouldn’t have to choose between her family and the Church was the primary driving force behind her defection. As a result, it makes sense for Pagan to agree with her decision and leave the religion, especially because he and Remini are close with their daughter.

Pagan identifies himself as an “Actor, Singer, Producer, and Entrepreneur but Best Known for Being the World’s Greatest Dad!” on his Instagram page.

He has three more boys from his two prior marriages to Elaine Aviles and Raquel Williams in addition to Sofia. With his first wife, Elaine, he has two sons: Nicholas Pagan and Angelo Alexander Pagan, who were both born on December 29, 1986. (born December 10, 1988). Then, with his second wife Raquel Williams, he had his third son, Angelo Pagan Jr. (born April 18, 1993), and finally, with Remini, he got his third child, Sofia Bella Pagan (born June 16, 2004).