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After relocating to Las Vegas, will Ronnie Mund marry his fiancée?

After relocating to Las Vegas, will Ronnie Mund marry his fiancée?

Stephanie Carney and Ronnie Mund have been together for almost a decade. And it all began when Mund met Carney at a pub where she was working and fell in love with her at first sight.

Despite having been together for 14 years and becoming engaged in 2016, the couple has given no indication that they intend to marry anytime soon.

Is the senior actor’s fiancee, who is young and gorgeous, ever going to marry him? Here’s a look into their relationship and some interesting facts about it, as well as a few tidbits about their upcoming wedding.

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Ronnie Mund and Stephanie Carney are 33 years apart in age.

Mund, who was born on October 28, 1949, is now 71 years old, while his long-term partner is 38 years old. As a result, the pair had a 33-year age difference.

The age gap, however, was never a concern for either of them, particularly for Carney, who knew he was older than her when they first met. “I never would’ve imagined his age when I met him…but I knew he was older and I was fine with that,” she said Howard Stern in an April 2018 interview.

She also told the site that dating an older man was nothing new for her because she had dated an upperclassman during her freshman year.

When it comes to ages and birth dates, Carney recounted a time when she wanted to celebrate her 24th birthday in 2007, but had to postpone her plans because Mund was working that day.

To make up for it, he arranged a big party that weekend and invited all of her close friends and family members. That night was also their first date night, according to the pair.

Meanwhile, he has a 50-year-old son named Brian from his previous marriage to Bonnie Mund, who is 71 years old.

In 2016, they got engaged.

After 9 years of enjoying his relationship with Carney, Mund finally summoned the confidence to propose to her in 2016. He did it in style, too, by proposing to her over the phone, live on The Howard Stern Show.

“Open the door to my office closet… Take out the appropriate footwear… Remove the package of the right sneaker, which says ‘Steven Singer’… Open the box and look inside “He mentioned this on-air while assisting her in locating the ring he had hidden in his closet.

Carney then acknowledged on the same show a few days later that he hadn’t officially asked her to marry him or had a comparable talk.

Why haven’t they tied the knot yet?

Carney revealed to Stern two years after the engagement that they are unwilling to remain unmarried after such a lengthy love. They were still unsure about the ideal moment because she was finishing her schooling at the time.

The couple’s main disagreements, according to the interview, were about the wedding site and the number of attendees. She expressed a desire for a wedding reception with more than 200 guests, whilst he was content with a few dozen of their closest friends and relatives.

The couple sat down with Stern again in 2019 on the same show and disclosed that they planned to marry on the weekend of October 2020. Although the wedding day has passed, there is still no confirmation of their union.

The couple moved to their new home in Las Vegas earlier this month, and many fans are hoping that the relocation signals a move toward marriage.