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After Jim Gordon’s death, ‘Titans’ Season 3 would not feature Barbara Gordon as Oracle.

After Jim Gordon’s death, ‘Titans’ Season 3 would not feature Barbara Gordon as Oracle.

After a hiatus due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Titans season 3 is finally back. The DC Comics superhero show had to be postponed from its original release date of late 2020 to 2021.

The show has gradually piqued fans’ interest by introducing them to some of the most popular characters in the DC Universe.

New characters will be introduced as the superhero series returns for its third season next month, further enriching the story.

Barbara Gordon, the first Batgirl from DC Comics, will be among those who will arrive. She’s one of the most important characters in the franchise, no matter what name she goes by.

Barbara, who will be played by Savannah Welch, will be the new Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department. In an interview with Screen Rant, the actress revealed a lot about her character’s backstory, including a shocking fact: her character’s father, Jim Gordon, died.

Gordon was Batman’s closest ally and most trusted confidant, and he was instrumental in helping Batman fight crime and protect Gotham City’s streets. The actress didn’t say how Gordon died, so we’ll have to wait for the show to find out.

Barbara Welch, on the other hand, will not be reprising her role as Batgirl after being shot by the Joker and rendered paralyzed. She previously assisted Batman as Oracle, and now, after years of recuperation and training, she is ready to take on her new role.

Barbara’s connection with Dick Grayson and their crime-fighting cooperation will be rekindled in this season.

Plot and Release Date for Season 3

The previous season saw the formation of the next generation of young heroes, as well as a return to Grayson’s original team.

Season 3 will continue where Season 2 ended. To combat the new threat known as Red Hood, the new team of heroes will be transported from San Francisco to Grayson’s old haunts of Gotham City.

Of course, comic book aficionados are familiar with Jason Todd’s journey into madness and transformation as the anti-hero Red Hood following his death by the Joker and subsequent resurrection. After a tumultuous relationship with the Titans, Red Hood is expected to return for vengeance.

There’s also speculation that Cole-King, who has yet to be cast in a role, will play a younger version of Jason Todd.

Jonathan Crane, nicknamed Scarecrow, will also join the cast to give his “services” to the cops, in addition to Welsh’s Barbara.

Starfire will also face her sister, Blackfire, who traveled to Earth in the second season’s end, in Season 3.

Titans Season 3 premieres on HBO Max on August 12 with the first three episodes, followed by new episodes every Thursday.