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After her breakup with her fiancé, Hunter Horton, has Hunter Hannah Barron entered the dating scene again?

After her breakup with her fiancé, Hunter Horton, has Hunter Hannah Barron entered the dating scene again?

Hunter Ryan Horton and Hannah Barron had a previous engagement.

Barron, however, decided against getting married before she and her future husband split up for an unknown reason.

Hannah Barron’s breakup with her fiancé

The Instagram star had been acquainted with Horton for some time. The pair began dating in 2016, and it was evident from their Instagram posts that they were deeply in love.

In 2017, Horton even sent her Valentine’s Day greeting.

And on his birthday in 2018, she posted on Instagram.

Later, he proposed. That was a year ago. They quickly moved in together after the social media star joyfully said yes. The engaged pair shared a home for some time.

The engagement was immediately called off following that, though. Even today, it’s unclear exactly what transpired between the two.

Cohen Stone and Hannah Barron are dating.

Cohen Stone, a different hunter, appears to be dating Barron based on his Instagram posts. Stone, a producer for Michael Waddell: Bone Collector, is from Georgia.

Stone wrote on Instagram on May 12, 2020, that Barron was teaching him how to noodle.

He had mastered the subject by May 19.

It appears that the two also traveled to Mexico in August of last year. The images that appeared next were adorable as a button.

Stone’s final Instagram photo featuring the couple was from November 2020.

We can only assume that the two are dating because there have been no official declarations of a relationship or lack thereof.

They may be close friends, have broken up, or are simply keeping their relationship a secret. Barron’s Instagram does not frequently show Stone, so all we can do is wait for her to speak out.

A hunter is a hunter forever.

The Instagram celebrity is well-known for her images of adventures, fishing, and hunting. She first gained notoriety after posting a video of herself grabbing a huge catfish with just her bare hands.

Her fans are well aware of her extraordinary abilities in sports like fishing, hunting, and noodling. They are unaware of how she became interested in these activities, though.

Alabama is where the celebrity was born and raised. As a child, she frequently joined her father in his hunting and outdoor pursuits.

She was able to recognize the local snakes by the age of 4, and by the time she was eight, she had already killed a deer.

She became aware of her enthusiasm for hunting thanks to spending time outside and getting to see the country.

She eventually went “noodling” with her neighbors, which is to say, she caught a catfish with just her bare hands, and she hasn’t stopped since.