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After a tumultuous divorce, Paula Zahn has moved on with a new show.

After a tumultuous divorce, Paula Zahn has moved on with a new show.

Paula Ann Zahn, an American journalist, was involved in a controversial affair with her husband’s best friend, which tarnished her reputation in the media.

The newscaster moved on from the incident with On the Case with Paula Zahn, an excellent crime documentary series.

Paula Zahn’s tumultuous divorce from her husband

In 1987, the newscaster married Richard Cohen, a real estate entrepreneur from New York City.

Jared Brandon Cohen, Haley Cohen, and Austin Brice Cohen are their three children from their marriage.

They were raised with Jewish ideals by their parents.

Their marriage, on the other hand, lasted just over 20 years. It came to an end when Zahn’s affair with her husband’s golf companion and business mogul Paul Fribourg was revealed.

The husband and wife eventually divorced in 2007, and they moved out of their gorgeous 927 Fifth Avenue co-op block, which they shared with their three children.

Richard Cohen and Paula Zahn

Zahn sued Cohen during the breakup, claiming he of mismanaging her $25 million in assets. She further accused him of attempting to conceal the money information by exploiting their distance.

Richard, on the other hand, refuted the allegations, claiming that Zahn’s Connecticut estate cost only $20 million and that Paula spent the entire sum extravagantly.

The lawsuit was dismissed by the court because it was essentially a marriage quarrel disguised as a business dispute.

The cause of the divorce drew a lot of attention as well. Paula stated that her marriage to Richard had reached a stalemate and that their lack of intimacy was what drove her to another man’s arms.

Richard defended himself by claiming that the reason was a simple instance of adultery on his wife’s part.

Her Post-Divorce Private Life

After her sensational affair, the TV star has released no details about her personal life.

Her personal life is kept under wraps because she hasn’t revealed anything about her dating status.

Instead, at the age of 65, she may be seen expertly managing investigations on her show, On The Case with Paula Zahn.

‘On The Case With Paula Zahn’ is her show.

Paula Zahn departed the Paula Zahn Show and resigned from CNN in 2007 after a tumultuous divorce.

After a brief hiatus, she returned to the spotlight in 2009 with the Investigation Discovery network On The Case With Paula Zahn.

She began by unraveling tense crime scenarios and conducting first-hand interviews with condemned criminals.

Her murder investigation of a 19-year-old student-led to everyone questioning the meaning of the word “justice” in the first episode of Season 21: Crime and Justice.

On December 27, 2020, the fifth episode, When, Where, And Who? was released.

She followed police on a missing person investigation involving a 15-year-old girl in the episode. She sought to piece together the teen’s previous whereabouts and looked into those who might have wished her dead.

The investigative program is a tremendous hit with the audience.

With its success, the TV personality, who rose from humble beginnings as an aspiring journalist to become a well-known presenter, once again demonstrated her ability. Her net worth is $18 million dollars.