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After a stunt involving David Dobrik went horribly wrong, Jeff Wittek reveals his accident.

After a stunt involving David Dobrik went horribly wrong, Jeff Wittek reveals his accident.

Jeff Wittek is well-known for being a member of fellow YouTuber David Dobrik’s ‘Vlog Squad.’

Wittek rose to prominence after relocating to 1600 Vine, a Hollywood condominium that housed a number of internet personalities such the Lele Pons, Rudy Mancuso, and Jake Paul, among others.

Dobrik has been a good buddy of his for a long time. Their connection, though, has frayed over the years. The key reason for this was Dobrik’s role in the life-threatening accident Wittek was involved in.

What Has Been Happening To Jeff Wittek?

Wittek was severely hurt while filming a video for Dobrik’s material in June 2020.

Wittek had shared a series of images and a video of himself in the hospital on Instagram. He didn’t go into great detail about the accident, only stating that he had shattered his face and skull in several places.

Former members of the Vlog Squad, such as Nik Keswani and Seth Francois, accused Dobrik of harassment in 2021, while others accused him of encouraging molestation.

Then a video showing Dobrik triggering the accident in which Wittek was involved appeared.

Wittek produced a five-part documentary titled Don’t Try This At Home on his YouTube channel in April 2021. The docu-series depicted the accident and Wittek’s recovery from his injuries.

Wittek went into greater depth about the horrific event in the second episode of the docu series.

Dobrik needed content for his YouTube channel after taking a break from it. Dobrik also wanted to execute some insane feats to satisfy his admirers.

Wittek traveled to Utah to perform one of his friend’s stunts: swinging about in an excavator.

That wasn’t the plan at first. The squad was being dragged across a lake on wakeboards. The idea changed later when they began dangling from the rope tied to the heavy gear, with Dobrik in charge of the actions.

Corinna Kopf, another Vlog Squad member, attempted the stunt first, but was quickly screamed at by Dobrik to stop and put her down. She cautioned Dobrik to be cautious because he has a tendency to “go too far.”

Dobrik should have heeded Kopf’s advice, for what followed was a disaster. Wittek was the next person to attempt the trick. Dobrik, who had no prior expertise with excavators, swung it too quickly.

Wittek had only intended to make a humorous video for his admirers.

However, it quickly devolved into wishful thinking. Before the camera turned to black, Wittek was seen swinging on the rope. Then there’s a scene of him falling face down in the water, with people coming to his aid.

Despite downplaying his mishap before the premiere of his docu-series, the YouTuber disclosed how life-threatening the injuries were.

He had ripped ligaments in his legs and a shattered hip, in addition to a fractured cranium.

Doctors had told him that if his injuries had been a few millimeters worse, he could have lost his eye and possibly his life.

Dobrik and Wittek are still friends, right?

Wittek’s injury affected not only his physical and emotional health but also his vision. Wittek will not sue Dobrik, despite the troubles his friend has brought him.

In the fourth episode of Don’t Try This At Home, Dobrik explained himself. He reiterated that anything he did was unintentional and that he would never intentionally harm his friend. Dobrik also covered Wittek’s hospital bills as an apology.

Wittek, on the other hand, didn’t harbor a grudge towards Dobrik for long. Wittek made Dobrik endanger his life by skydiving as a sincere apology. For Dobrik, Wittek selected skydiving because he wanted him to “not be in control for a change.” Dobrik followed Wittek’s instructions, and the two pals took part in the thrilling sport.

Wittek said on his Patreon live stream regarding the case that he didn’t want money to come between him and his pals.

Wittek didn’t want his life to be ruined as a result of the accident. He claimed that while he could win the lawsuit and receive millions of dollars, he would never do it at the expense of friendship. He revealed that he would rather transform this unpleasant experience into a positive one by assisting others in similar situations.

Was the Docu-Series just a money-grab?

While the majority of people have been sympathetic to Wittek, some have wondered if the whole thing was just for the money. First, the docu-series came out too late after the occurrence, and second, Wittek had added new sequences to his Patreon page.

Over 37,000 people subscribed to Wittek’s Patreon account in the first ten days to see behind-the-scenes and unreleased footage, making him one of the highest-paid content creators.

People questioned Wittek’s motives because he was making so much money. On his Patreon live stream, he clarified the rumor. Wittek joked about his deadly accident being staged for profit at first but eventually became serious about it. He jokingly emphasized that his tragedy had cost him his vision and his mental health and that it was not a money grab.