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After 5 years of dating, Adam22 and his girlfriend Lena the Plug are getting married.

After 5 years of dating, Adam22 and his girlfriend Lena the Plug are getting married.

Adam22 has proposed to his girlfriend!

The podcaster and his girlfriend had been dating for five years when he decided to take things to the next level one day.

The vlogger also brought his followers along for the ride, giving them a front-row ticket to the momentous moment.

Fans frequently flood the internet with requests for “Adam 22 of the name.”

For those who aren’t aware, his fiancee’s name is Lena the Plug.

In May, Adam22 popped the question.

It took some time to get everything set for a vlog post, but Adam22 couldn’t wait to show off his soon-to-be bride and their lovely vow.

He used Twitter on May 30, 2021, to share a lovely photo of his fiancée. In the caption, he announced that he had finally proposed.

The lovely OnlyFans model was wearing an off-white outfit and clutching her beau’s hand in the following photo. The frame’s highlights were the gleaming ring and her radiant smile.

The Engagement Vlog is Now Available

Adam22 took to Instagram a few days later, on June 3, 2021, to provide a teaser for his latest vlog post. Adam begins the brief clip by telling his toddler son,

The video then cuts to the family of three having fun at the beach before Adam22 confesses to his fiancée that he has something to tell her. He got down on one knee before the model could make sense of the situation.

“No, no, no,” she could only stammer in complete astonishment as he prepared to drop the big question. But, once he asked for her hand in marriage, she couldn’t contain herself anymore and burst into tears of delight.

Since 2016, Adam22 and his girlfriend have been dating.

Since September 2016, Adam22 and Lena have been dating. When both of their YouTube subscriber counts reach one million, the couple has pledged to release their own explicit videotape.

The couple welcomed their first kid together in November 2020 after dating for nearly four years. The adoring father even made an Instagram introduction for his son. He began by sharing a nice family photo of himself cradling his newborn kid.

Adam22 couldn’t take his gaze away from the baby’s enormous smile, while the mother managed a charming smile towards the camera. He presented his son by saying, “Meet Parker Ann Grandmaison.”

In the same post, he also announced that the vlog documenting his son’s birth was now available on his YouTube channel, with a link in his bio.

Since then, the vlogger has been posting about his adorable baby boy on a regular basis, keeping fans up to date on his activities.

Parker was 9 and a half months old on August 31, 2021, had six teeth, could speak “mama,” “dada,” and “kuhhhh” for a kitten, and crawled “at the speed of light.”