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Actress Jazmyn Simon Newly Married to Partner Dulé Hill Is Pregnant With His Baby Boy

Actress Jazmyn Simon Newly Married to Partner Dulé Hill Is Pregnant With His Baby Boy

Isn’t Dwayne Johnson the first actor who comes to mind when we hear the word Ballers? This time, however, it isn’t about Dwyane Wade. It concerns his Ballers co-stars Jazmyn Simon and Dulé Hill. Although Jazmyn and Dulé’ have only been married for a year, they are already expecting their first child! The couple’s two most memorable moments in 2018.

On April 21, 2018, Jazmyn Simon and Dulé Hill tied the knot in Antigua, Guatemala. On the set of the Ballers, they met. It didn’t take them long to fall in love, and they eventually agreed to spend the rest of their lives together. Jazmyn and Dulé are all set for their baby boy’s arrival.

Dulé Hill and Jazmyn Simon kept their pregnancy a secret until they eventually chose to reveal the joyful news on Instagram. Both Jazmyn and Dulé published photos of Jazmyn holding her baby belly, in which she appears to be stunning.

Jazmyn keeps her fans up to date on her pregnancy via Instagram stories. She even admitted to having hyperemesis gravidarum in the early stages of her pregnancy. She has, however, triumphed. The actress does not hold back when it comes to discussing her feelings about being pregnant, as evidenced by her statement that being pregnant is difficult.

Dulé Hill and Jazmyn Simon, who married in April 2018, are expecting their first child together. Jazmyn’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Of course, being pregnant isn’t simple, but it’s well worth the effort. We’re sure the couple, as well as the fans and the general public, are looking forward to meeting their true love. When their newborn boy is born, he will definitely bring joy and happiness to their family. Jazmyn, like other expectant women, is busy getting ready for her baby’s arrival. We understand how happy she is to meet her baby boy.

What will the name of Jazmyn Simon and Dule Hill’s child be?

Jazmyn Simon and Dulé Hill have yet to decide on a name for their baby child. But we’re confident that the two are working on something fantastic. We only need to be patient till the tiny Hill shows up and we can call him by his name.

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