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According to Internet Detectives, Erin Moriarty and Antony Starr appear to be dating.

According to Internet Detectives, Erin Moriarty and Antony Starr appear to be dating.

There is always drama going on in Hollywood, both on and off-screen.

Consider Antony Starr and Erin Moriarty, the stars of The Boys. In the acclaimed superhero drama, the couple plays two different groups of people with abilities. Fans claim that, when the cameras weren’t filming, the two of them were more than simply buddies.

Before diving into the dating rumors, it’s important to note that, while appearing to be divided on screen, the cast of The Boys is frequently spotted hanging out together—some more frequently than others.

Starting on a Gossip Page, rumors

That is most likely how the admirers first learned about the purported romance. Deuxmoi, Starr, and Moriarty have a low-key relationship, according to the unnamed celebrity gossip source.

Further investigation revealed that the mysterious email sent to the gossip page’s postal address was the origin of these purported relationship rumors. The fans quickly figured out the message, even though the email just mentioned that “one of the halves just celebrated his birthday” and called The Boys “the current biggest streaming show.”

For the message’s deciphering and Deuxmoi’s invitation, see below.

Because the purported girlfriend just shared a few stories to mark Starr’s birthday, the Instagram user who analyzed the message came to those conclusions.

They even speculated that the email’s subject line, “diabolical girls,” was a play on the word “diabolical,” which has become something of a show catchphrase.

Another user commented that she had been blogging about his birthday all day and that The Boys was the most watched streaming show online at the time. They also noted that she has been featured in more of her posts than her supposed partner.

Moriarty had his sights set on another person.

The celebrity gossip handle revealed other emails from the same source before the original email’s secrecy was revealed. The couple between the two celebrities stated in the first email was confirmed in the second message.

They also asserted that “she” was pursuing a different actor with whom she had collaborated on a canceled program. The first two communications were undoubtedly mysterious, and if it weren’t for the third email, netizens wouldn’t have been able to corroborate their theories.

The final email provided proof that both of the responses the gossip page received were accurate. The unnamed source also made a suggestion that the actress had formerly pursued an older ex-costar.

She is not his type, the unnamed insider claimed, so they never dated.

“I suppose she moved on to this newer costar. However, they remain close.”

The elder actor being mentioned here, according to the rumor website, was a Jessica Jones cast member.

Despite all of this, the bulk of internet sources asserts that Starr is in fact dating a woman by the name of Lucy McLay.

She is mentioned in his IMDb bio as well. Any discussions about whether or not this unidentified woman is his wife are still simply conjectured.